Five Basic Types of Backsplash Tile in Highland Village, TX that You Should Know

Backsplash tile can provide style and beauty to your kitchen along with making it simple to maintain the area. It also gives you a way to show off your creativity and add a little pizzazz to the space. If you are looking for backsplash tile in Highland Village, there are five basic types to choose from.

Porcelain Tile

Many people think that porcelain and ceramic tiles are the same thing, but they are quite different. Compressed porcelain dust is used to create porcelain tiles. The tile is dense and tough which makes it a sturdier option when compared to ceramic. It can be manufactured with a matted, highly polished, or glazed finish. Glazed tiles are ideal for backsplashes. The glazing provides a layer of protection against smudges and kitchen grease.

Ceramic Tile

Clay that is fired in a kiln is used to make ceramic tile. The part you see is a glaze that creates the color or pattern of the tile. The options in color and pattern are unlimited. The fact that ceramic is easy to cut makes this tile simple to install.

Both porcelain and ceramic backsplash tile in Highland Village, TX are offered in a wide range of sizes and are easy to clean. Both are installed in the same manner. The tiles are placed with tile mastic. The channels between them are filled with grout. Grout also comes in a variety of colors so that you can make it match. This makes it easy to coordinate your backsplash with your other kitchen décor.

Glass Tile

Glass is another option available for backsplashes. It is an excellent choice due to its waterproof nature. It can create the look of tiny sparkling gems in your kitchen because of its unique appearance that reflects the light. A specialized mortar is used for the grouting. Glass tiles can also be used as an accent around other tile choices.

Metal Tile

Copper, chrome, and aluminum tile adds an attractive and interesting look to your kitchen. They work just as well in a contemporary setting as they do in a traditional home. Metal tiles can be purchased in either a shiny or a brushed appearance. Which you choose will depend on the effect you are trying to create.

Marble and Stone Tile

Marble and stone countertops have become quite popular for kitchens. Using marble and stone tiles for the backsplash creates a nice, coordinated appearance. Marble comes in a wide range of styles. The down side to this option is the fact that stone cannot be sealed. This makes cleaning more difficult.

No matter which backsplash tile in Highland Village you choose, it will add style and elegance to your kitchen. It will make clean-up in this room simple while providing you with the perfect place to show off your creative side no matter what type of home décor you enjoy.

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