Pro Flooring—the Best and Most Reputable Laminate Flooring Store in Lewisville, TX

There are a number of laminate flooring store in Lewisville, TX, but the one you can really trust the most is Pro Flooring.  Pro Flooring has been in the industry for several years already, satisfying clients with our excellent products and services. It is our goal to give you high-quality flooring for your house, office, and business establishment.

What do we offer?

We don’t only provide you with pristine flooring products, but we also offer the following services:

Pro Flooring, a high-quality laminate flooring store in Lewisville, TX offers all of your flooring needs. From products to installation to repair, you can always count on our company. We also offer basic guidelines to help you make wise decisions over which type of flooring to buy and use for your house or business.

We have a wide variety of flooring patterns, materials, colors, grain, and size of knots. If you browse through our products or visit our store, you will see you so many pieces to complement the design you have in mind. There are rustic, traditional, modern, simplified, country, and so much more—all with the same goal—to give you a design that truly speaks your desire.

Why choose pre-finished laminate hardwood flooring

Aside from the above-mentioned products and services, we also offer pre-finished laminate hardwood flooring, which is one of the most affordable and easiest to install type of flooring. These are also extra durable and highly resistant—something that you can actually use on pathways, stores, and any other high-traffic spots. No matter what things you throw onto the surface, it won’t get damaged easily. It is installed using a high-pressure treatment; thus, you can assure that your flooring is free from moisture and abrasion.

Another great thing about this type of product is that it replicates whatever grain and design of a particular hardwood. It also doesn’t need any adhesive or nailing to keep all the pieces intact.

Why Us

Pro Flooring will never be known as the most trusted laminate flooring store in Lewisville, TX if customers don’t recommend us to their friends and relatives. For so many years, we have been serving households and business establishments around Lewisville, be it installation, repair, maintenance. By choosing us as your flooring service provider, you can guarantee that what you will get is high-quality products and services brought to you by our highly-trained personnel. Few of our common clients are:

  1. Hotels, condominiums, custom homes, and apartments
  2. Hospitality and health care industry
  3. Commercial, retails, and industrial buildings
  4. Offices and schools
  5. Parks and recreational areas
  6. Government departments

Our business ethics, quality of work and products, and expertise enable us to successfully win thousands of clients in few years’ time.

Have you decided on what type of flooring to use? Call Pro Flooring’s hotline number today and let us know what you have in mind.

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