Long lasting flooring materials

The primary goal for any purchase is to invest in a product that is long lasting. Of course, this may not work for food, such as bananas; though, wouldn’t it be great if bananas stayed perfectly ripe forever? We can only expect so much from food, but we can expect a lot from purchases aimed to improve a home. For example, flooring. Flooring generally costs a decent amount of money. It also sits in the same place and doesn’t move (shouldn’t move) throughout its lifetime. Therefore, it is justified for a homeowner to expect his/her floors to last for many years.

Most available flooring options will last for at least a handful of years, but that’s not good enough. What about flooring that will last 15-20 years, or the lifetime of a home? Let’s focus on those. We’ll look at the longest lasting flooring type for your living area and for your kitchen:

Living Area

Bamboo floorBamboo flooring is the longest lasting material for a living area. Bamboo rates very highly on the Janka scale (tests the hardness of wood). In fact, the 1300+ Janka rating for bamboo is among the highest of hardwood flooring options. This relentless wood type is cross-woven to give it depth and durability. It also consists of man-made adhesives to help with durability. Bamboo floors are the best of all flooring worlds, only more attractive for living areas.

Bamboo is resistant to water and is extremely difficult to damage via a hard impact or sharp cut. Not only will they last practically forever, but bamboo floors will keep their look and style throughout the test of time as well. There is a reason bamboo flooring is gaining so vastly in popularity over the past few years.


Ceramic tile is the most durable of tiles. This type of tile fits the bill for every action that takes place in a kitchen. It is rock solid, so it will be able to withstand any typical kitchen impact. Whether you drop a pot or accidentally knock down a chair, your ceramic tile will not be affected. Ceramic tile is also heat-resistant. Thus, no marks will be left, nor will the tile be worn if a heated oven tray comes in contact with it.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, ceramic tile is impervious to water and stains. Spills occur in the kitchen. No matter how careful you are, the occasional spill will happen when you cook and serve in the same place almost every day. It may take some extra scrubbing if you let a spill stand, but the end result will be a conditioned tile that is the same as it was before the spill. Steam is common when cooking. The moisture that falls to the floor as a result of steam will have no effect on ceramic tile. It can ruin hardwood; hence, hardwood floors are frowned upon for kitchen surfaces.

Ultimately, ceramic tile is as close to indestructible of a flooring material as you will find. That is why it is the longest lasting flooring material that you will find.

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