What You Need to Know Before You Walk into an Onyx Tile Store in Lewisville, TX

Onyx is one of the most aesthetically pleasing materials used for tiles. It is a translucent material which is mainly what makes it very beautiful compared to other types of stones. It graces bathrooms and kitchen countertops, and the result is always an elegant eye-catching interior.

However, like many other options it has its pros and cons. Before walking into an onyx tile store in Lewisville, TX, you need to have enough information about this type of tile.


Because the stone is translucent, there is the risk of discoloration during installation. The main cause of this discoloration is the type of mortar used. Typically, a thin latex modified mortar is the best choice for this type of installation.

This therefore means that you may need to consult a qualified professional to ensure the tiles are set properly. You can find an onyx tile store in Lewisville, TX, that also provides installation services. A good installation will ensure that the tiles keep their translucent quality for many years to come.


Onyx is a calciferous stone like marble. But while marble is relatively strong, Onyx is not. It requires support and improvisation when extracted to ensure the pieces are big enough to make a suitable tile. Because of its fragility tiles often come in relatively small sizes.

Susceptible to Scratching

Besides being fragile it is also quite soft. When used to adorn counter tops and bathroom walls it requires some level of caution. When used on patios it can get scratches, for example, when moving flower tops.

It is not always ideal for countertops, especially if the countertops in question are going to be used for cutting and other tasks that could potentially leave scratches on it. To make it less susceptible to scratching sometimes a special stone is used to clean it. This maintenance task is done regularly for areas like countertops that are the most prone to this kind of wear and tear.


When Onyx is extracted, it is highly improbable to find two pieces that look exactly the same. They tend to vary a lot in terms of shape, size and color. This poses a challenge during installation. Getting a uniform pattern is not always easy.


Another major challenge is the porous nature of the stone. It can absorb considerable amounts of water, which will not only compromise the installation, but makes it more susceptible to stains and discoloration. To avoid this, experts will always ensure that it is sealed properly before installation.

Still the stone is the number one choice for many homeowners. Despite these challenges it has a number of advantages:

  • Colorful: Comes in a wide range of colors, from red, cream and green.
  • Lightweight: makes it easier to install compared to stones like granite.
  • Translucent: Gives it exceptional grace and elegance.

Every type of stone has its own unique pros and cons. It all depends on how you handle these challenges. The Onyx mainly requires a professional consultation and installation. You can get a professional to do the installation from an onyx tile store in Lewisville, TX.

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