Wood Flooring

Elegant Wood Flooring in Lewisville, TX for Your Home or Office

Most homeowners tend to shy away from the choice of wood flooring in Lewisville, TX, almost always due to budget considerations. Intimidated, they prefer carpet and linoleum, the so-called “cheaper” alternatives. However, the benefits of wood flooring far surpass its initial pricier cost. In the long run, you are actually able to save more money and energy by opting for wood flooring. Here are the many benefits of wood flooring.

  • High quality wood flooring is resilient and durable. It lasts for decades with relatively low maintenance. It will take many years before restoration is required. Linoleum needs regular replacement as it is less resilient and more susceptible to damage caused by daily wear and tear. Carpets are prone to getting stained, torn, and frayed, and thus usually require replacement approximately every five years. Initially, carpets and linoleums can seem like the better bargain because they’re cheaper, but maintenance and replacement will consequently get the better of your pocketbook.

  • Cleaning of wood flooring is obviously easier than that of carpets. Brushing or light vacuuming is enough to keep it in top shape. Especially if you have pets or kids running in and out of the house on a regular basis and wreaking havoc on the floor, damp mopping is the most you can do for wood flooring. Carpets, however, are a different story. They generally make homeowners more anxious and doubly careful, as cleaning and maintenance can be costly.
  • When it comes to health and hygiene, wood flooring in Lewisville, TX is superior to carpets, especially if you have house pets. Carpets are a known habitat and breeding ground of parasites, such as fleas and dust mites. Moreover, they are also literally huge traps for dust and various allergens. If you have family members who suffer from allergies, you will be doing them a big favor to ditch the carpets and switch to wood flooring. Not only will this smart move save you money, it will also spare your loved ones of health discomforts.
  • Wood flooring is charmingly aromatic, making your home so much more welcoming. Carpets, on the other hand, tend to retain nasty odors from spills and ‘accidents’ made by pets or little children. Of course, this can be easily taken care of by sending them immediately to the carpet cleaners. Note, however, that this can be costly if done on a more constant basis.

  • Wood is a most efficient medium for heating your home. Having wood flooring maximizes and renders underfloor heating more efficient.

  • Of course, like all things, wood flooring may also earn scratches and damage in the long run. Still, the restoration process it requires (sanding, sealing, and refinishing) is still cheaper than buying a whole new carpet.
  • The natural, aesthetic quality of wood never goes out of style. Linoleum patterns and carpet fashion change from trend to trend, but wood possesses an ageless appeal. It also adds a warm and cozy feel to your home.

Furthermore, if you wish to sell your home, wood flooring is more appealing to buyers. According to real estate agents, homes with wood flooring sell twice as quickly. If interested, you may consult various experts on wood flooring in Lewisville, TX.

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