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Our Commitment

The extra step an attitude for everything we do.

The extra step is in our approach to clients, our team and aspirations.

It embodies our spirit and our outlook. It is the message we want to convey through our words and above all our actions

It is the essence of strategy, making us professionals.

The Extra Step is About:

Doing it right

Exceeding expectations



What We Can Do For You

Bathroom Remodeling Service

A nice bathroom can be a major luxury. It can make getting ready for the day a much more pleasant and convenient task. It can make unwinding and taking it easy before going to bed significantly more relaxing and soothing, too…

Kitchen Remodeling Service

At Pro Flooring, we do more than just install hardwood floors. Did you know that we can help you remodel your kitchen in Lewisville, TX? Our licensed and insured contractors are experienced in installing travertine tiles, granite countertops, and backsplashes, just to name a few items…

Flooring Products

More than any other aspect of a property, it is safe to say that a home’s flooring is the most abused. Every member of the family including the house pet crawls, walks, and runs throughout the flooring of a house. Needless to say, it is important to select the best floor materials your home would be equipped with.

Flooring Services

We at Pro Flooring the best flooring company in Lewisville, TX understand how tedious and costly selecting the flooring for your property can be. Considering how expensive the floor material purchase was, we know how tempting it is to DIY the installation to save costs. However, there are several reasons why opting for a professional floor installation service is the only way to go.


These are the featured projects that we’ve done in the past. Feel free to browse around, you can also get a feel of how much quality we put into our work.

Hardwood flooring Lewisville TX
Home Remodel Lewisville TX
Kitchen Remodel Lewisville TX
Kitchen Remodel Lewisville TX
Shower Remodel Lewisville TX

Don’t Take Our Word For It

5 Star Review

“Pro Flooring was a total pleasure to work with. I always felt that my satisfaction and needs was of the utmost importance to them. Their knowledge and help on the product was excellent. Prices were competitive. TY Pro Flooring for a seamless experience.”

Rasha Alomar,

5 Star Review

“My wife and I used Pro Flooring and were extremely satisfied with the quality of work. They were professional and customer service was excellent. You may get better pricing, but we have learned that with some things, “you get what you pay for” and with Pro Flooring it is well worth the money you pay.”

Eric Douglas,

5 Star Review

“After a long search for a company to do our kitchen, my wife and I landed with Pro Flooring in Lewisville and we are so glad we did, they made the process easy, answered all our questions, everything they said they would do, they did and then some, and most importantly the kitchen came out beautifully and better than expected. We loved the viewing process that provided us with the chance to see where each part of our slab went in our kitchen and it helped us participate in the process in choosing the perfect layout of the counter-tops, we loved it.”

Alexander Az,

5 Star Review

“We got granite countertops, new stainless steel undermount sinks, and new stone backsplash in the kitchen and also had our master bathroom remodeled at the same time with marble vanity tops, undermount sinks, natural stone/travertine shower, tub decor and detailed backsplash complete with frameless glass doors. The quality of the products used was exceptional, the craftsmanship and work provided was also exceptional. Always professional, timely and very fair pricing.”

Rebecca Peters,

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