Benefits of Carpeting with a Carpet Flooring Store in Lewisville, TX

There are several huge benefits to carpeting over a harder floor choice. It adds a certain softness to your home or business’s décor offering a plethora of patterns and textures, a wide selection of pile heights from outdoor type to lush piles that make you feel as though you’re walking on clouds. That’s not to mention seemingly endless palette of colors and patterns sure to have something to please literally every taste.

Carpeting offers a virtually endless parade of choices and sometimes choosing what’s right for your personal application may seem somewhat daunting. In the end, the choice when it comes to carpeting is all yours. Choose the best carpet flooring store in Lewisville, TX and our professionals will help you choose the right carpet product for your application.

In a colder climate, carpeting will serve as an extra layer of insulation further shielding you from that harsh winter weather outside. When it’s cold outside, carpeting inside can provide a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Carpeting is also often considered a cleaner alternative to other types of flooring in that carpeting will catches allergens, dust, mites, dander, and other contagions until such time as they can be properly removed. Carpeting often times requires far less maintenance and have proven easier to clean.

Additionally, carpet flooring from the best carpet flooring store in Lewisville, TX can prove to be much more cost effective over prolonged periods. Not only does carpeted floors cost less to clean and maintain, they oftentimes are less costly to purchase and install.

Carpeting also proves to be a safer alternative to hard surfaces, especially when you have children or elderly people around in that they provide padding to the much harder surface(s) offered by wood, marble, or ceramic.

Easy Care

About 85% of the carpeting used in the United States today are nylon based carpets. The rest is generally wool. While nylon is naturally more stain resistant than wool, wool carpeting tends to wear much better thereby lasting far longer. But, both nylon and wool carpets are seemingly indestructible. After a period of some seven or eight years, you will probably notice the fibers of your wool or nylon carpet begin to lose their brightness, succumbing to age, but they will wear for a very long time, even after the luster has waned.

Professional Cleaning

The most regularly your interior carpeting should need a professional cleaning would be about three to four times each year. But this, by most peoples’ standards is much too frequent. Most people do net even call the carpet cleaner once a year. Excepting perhaps where children and pets are ever present. Even then, many people will opt to have only the high traffic areas cleaned at any sort of regular interval.

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