What Kind of Flooring in Lewisville Is Best for My House?

The types of floors available in the market could get you confused when you are selecting which of them would exactly fit your house. If you are not well-versed as to what flooring in Lewisville is available, you can spend months before you can decide what to buy.

But you only need to spend a small fraction of that time if you’ll read this article. This article will give you enough tips that will guide you in your search for the right type of floor to install in your house.

Three General Types of Flooring in Lewisville

If you know that there are only three basic types of floorings to choose from, then the task of choosing the right one will not seem so daunting. Here are the three basic types of floorings:

  1. Stone
    Stone floorings are made of natural hard stones such as granite and marble. As such, they are strong and very durable. They are some of the most expensive floors that can be installed in homes. If you want to increase the value of your home, these types of materials are the best.Hard stones have all kinds of exotic grains that make them look expensive and attractive. That is why they are a great addition to all kinds of homes, be they classic, modern or minimalist.
  2. Wood
    Wood is one of the classic floors that grace most conventional and modern houses. The grain of hardwoods such as rosewood, mahogany, hickory and so forth are very attractive and gives warmth to a home’s ambiance.Hardwood is also a very sturdy and long-lasting material so you’ll be able to enjoy its beauty for many years to come. This flooring is next to hard stone floors in terms of cost.
  3. Engineered
    Engineered floorings are man-made. They can be made of natural raw materials or a combination of synthetic and organic materials. In this category belong the following types of floorings:
  • Tiles – these floorings are good alternatives to those made of hard stones, since they mimic their appearance and strength to some degree. But since they are thinner than natural stone floorings, they are not as durable. They are less expensive than natural stones.
  • Laminates – these floorings are made of sandwiched stacks of paper that are glued and pressed together by machines and laminated on both their top and bottom surfaces to make one strong unit of materials that could be used for floorings, walls and countertops.The top surface is covered by a paper that is printed with stone, wood and other designs, which makes the unit similar in appearance to floors made of natural materials. These are the least expensive of all flooring materials.
  • Structured – these floorings are commonly called engineered floors since they are made by combining small bits of hard stones, cement, silica, glass and other materials. They can be as hard and as durable as hard stone floors. As such, they also command a high price.

What’s Best for You?

Now that you know your options you will be in a better shape to choose the type of flooring in Lewisville based on your budget, the character of your home, and more importantly, your style.

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