The Elegance of Marble from the Marble Tile Flooring Store in Lewisville, TX

Marble was once considered among the most opulent flooring choices one could have in their home. But as time has passed, marble has become far more popular, and less seen as a status symbol than it once was. The best marble tile flooring store in Lewisville, TX is your one stop shop for all your marble tile flooring needs.

When it Comes to Marble, You Have Choices
Choose the professionals at the best marble tile flooring store in Lewisville, TX and they will offer you five distinctly different types of marble, each unique unto itself. When deciding on which marble will be the correct choice for you it is important to consider many things, your budget not being the least of which. Marble can vary greatly, not only in look and feel, but in cost as well. Another huge consideration is the location the marble tile will be placed. You will need a far more durable tile in a foyer, hallway, or other high traffic area than you may need in a formal dining or living room.

Five Distinct Types of Marble Tile

  • Veining. Veining marble features small veins of color throughout the stone. These veins appear in a variety of colors from the rather plain black and white to much more exotic colorations you probably can’t even imagine until you see them.
  • Gloss. A gloss finish on marble tiles is a byproduct of polishing the material to a high luster revealing a shiny, reflective surface. This type of marble tile is generally used in entries and foyers to give an impactful first impression of the home.
  • Tumbled. The tumbling process produces a finish that is more akin to a natural stone finish. The product takes on a more natural look with no shine and a soft, creamy appearance with absolutely no shine to it what so ever.
  • Etching. Etching is less a style than a byproduct of having marble tile flooring. Etching is a result of wear, mostly foot traffic. An etched finish (repurposed marble) on new marble tile flooring is becoming more and more popular.
  • Honed. Honed marble features a matte or satin type finish. Honed marble floor tiles will have an earthier feel to them and is becoming very popular, giving less feeling of ostentatiousness than marble tile flooring with a high gloss finish. Honed marble is perhaps the least susceptible to etching of all the marble floor tiles available.

You Will Want to Explore Your Options
Here at Pro Flooring LLC, the best marble tile store in Lewisville, TX, we suggest you visit our competitors. That way, you will know for certain we are giving you the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price. You will find that marble ranges greatly in price from type to type, typically anywhere from five to ten dollars per square foot.

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