Sandstone Tile

Consider Installation of Sandstone Tile in Lewisville, TX

When installing new flooring in the home, homeowners will find there are tons of flooring choices to consider. A natural flooring that is popular today is Sandstone. The beautiful material provides a distinct style all its own, looking similar to the sand of a beach or desert. Colors of sandstone will vary from tans, browns, reds and golds, allowing you to decorate your home in neutral tones or other color palettes. There are many benefits to installing sandstone flooring, from the natural beauty to the durability. Find out more about sandstone including features and properties below.

Natural Beauty

When you install sandstone tile in Lewisville, TX, you will find the natural beauty of the stone type draws your eye. Choosing the type of tile for your home can be hard as there are several colors and textures to choose from. Sandstone spans the spectrum from white to black, allowing you to change up color patterns in different rooms or choose one color for an overall cohesive look. Because sandstone is a natural element, you will find that each tile looks different, adding to the uniqueness of the space.


Sandstone comes from the core of a mountain which means the stone is hard and very durable. The powerful stone has the ability to remain strong for years to come if cared for properly. When installed correctly and sealed, sandstone will withstand the test of time, easily handling traffic in your home on a daily basis.

Unique Texture

Because sandstone comes from rock, it will be jagged. Sandstone tile in Lewisville, TX will be leveled out by using gauging techniques where the tile is made smooth enough so that walking can take place. The texture of the sandstone tiles can vary based on the finishing method. As the homeowner, you have the ability to choose your finish type. Choose honed when you want a smooth finish that is not too shiny, allowing for a quality smooth surface. Polish the stone when you want a flat surface that will appear smooth and shiny.

Eco-friendly Flooring Option

Sandstone is an eco-friendly flooring type as homeowners will be using a material that comes from the earth. To ensure the sandstone tile in Lewisville, TX is environmentally friendly, be sure to work with manufacturing companies who are responsible during the quarrying process. Enjoy the flooring install as you know the sandstone will be of the highest quality, lasting for decades in your home.

Absorption and Scratching

There are a few downsides to sandstone flooring that have to be considered before installation. Sandstone is a porous stone which means that spills can stain. Absorption rates can go as high as 6% which means that liquid can stain or mold occur. The rock is also soft so scratching can occur. To avoid either of these issues, homeowners should have the sandstone finished well with a sealant, clean spills instantly and avoid moving heavy furniture without assistance.

When you have sandstone flooring installed in the home by a professional and care for the flooring properly, you will have a beautiful home. Enjoy your flooring for years to come with proper care and maintenance of sandstone tiles.

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