Granite Tile

Learn More About Granite Tile in Lewisville, TX

Are you thinking about revamping your flooring? Or maybe you want to sell your property on a much higher price tag? Choosing granite tile in Lewisville, TX can give you sophisticated flooring and add value to your home. Granite can be a very practical and trendy floor covering. It also comes with a wide variety of unique colors, giving you the best choices for your needs. Although granite tiles are not the cheapest of flooring options, their beauty and elegance is the kind of flooring that you cannot find in some of its counterparts.

The Advantages of Granite tile flooring

The major advantage of granite tile flooring in Lewisville, TX is that it’s very hard and durable. The material composition of the tile will make your floors last a lifetime and will withstand harsh conditions. Granite flooring is easily maintained and will not stain as easy as its counterparts.

The availability of a wide range of texture and patterns also makes granite tile extremely unique and appealing. They give a versatile and decent appearance which makes them a popular choice in commercial and public areas.

Granite flooring also resists water seepage as they are virtually impenetrable. Once the granite flooring is sealed, they are extremely resistant to water and moisture. Granite flooring enhances the beauty of your house and is considered to have one of the best durability standards in the market. This makes granite tile flooring a great future investment mainly because of their low-maintenance and durability.

Tiles made of granite are also allergen-resistant, meaning they do not attract allergens and can be easily scrubbed and cleaned. They are resistant to scratches which makes them a good investment.

How to take care of your granite tiles

Granite tiles are generally low maintenance and scratch resistant. Although they are durable, it is advisable to apply an appropriate sealant depending of the type of granite tile you have. This protects the floor from water and moisture. And with the proper use of cleaners and polishes, this will give off an appearance like new stone and will have a shinier look.

To effectively clean your granite tiles, you can use a clean damp cloth or mop along with warm, soapy water to remove stains. It is also advisable not to use strong chemicals like ammonia, bleach or cleaning products with caustics or solvents as they can remove the sealant.

Granite tiles installation

Floor tiling, countertops, and backsplashes can add decorative beauty to your homes. A high richness is achieved through the placement of these natural stones. Because they can be heavy and expensive, they should be installed delicately. Professionals are trained to accomplish this task effortlessly. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly material, you can choose granite as they are absolutely biodegradable.

Top quality granite tile in Lewisville, TX is available through Pro Flooring. We have a variety of designs and options that you would want to see. We offer granite installation for your floor tiles, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, curbing, stair treads and much more. We take the extra step to do it right and exceed your expectations.

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