Onyx Tile

Learn More about Onyx Tile in Lewisville TX

For a look similar to marble, many homeowners are choosing onyx tile in Lewisville, TX when it comes to flooring. Onyx comes in several colors and variations on each piece create a unique look in any space of the home. Because the material is fragile, it requires a steady hand for installation. Homeowners should work with professionals when installing this floor tile.

Translucent Appearance

As a translucent stone, onyx shows shapes and light when held up to the light. Because of this characteristic, the setting material used can affect the overall look of the stone. It is recommended that a white color is used for the setting material such as latex thin set mortar. The white will not change the color of the onyx tile in Lewisville, TX so you can enjoy the true color you choose. Avoid any unwanted texture looks by smoothing out any grooves of the mortar once the correct depth is met. This will be done by a professional to avoid shadows after installation.

Fragile Stone

Onyx is a fragile stone due to its creation. For tiling, the onyx will have a backing created with fiberglass, mesh or resin. This backing will help to strengthen the tile during installation. The backing can be difficult to cut during installation so you want to be sure your tiler has experience with the material. A wet saw should be used with a diamond blade to make a clean cut. When the substrate is uneven during installation, the onyx can crack. Be sure to have a strong and level substrate before the onyx is installed.

Creating the Look You Like

During the installation of onyx tile in Lewisville, TX, you will find each onyx tile has a unique look. Tiles will vary from piece to piece and you want to be pleased with the layout. It is recommended that the layout should be considered before installing fully. You may not like certain colors or patterns grouped together. To avoid disliking the installation, lay the tiles out from the boxes to see how you want them to blend together. Be careful while doing so. Create a layout that is pleasing and your contractor will be able to match the layout, installing the look you desire.

Sealing the Finished Product

Once the tiling has been installed, sealing will need to be completed. The sealing of onyx tile in Lewisville, TX will ensure that the tile is not porous. The tile is already a porous stone so adding a seal helps to avoid any staining. Moisture can easily be absorbed by onyx that has not been sealed, causing stains and etching. To be able to protect your investment, it is recommended that the stone is sealed by a sealant that is created for porous stones. The sealer can be added before grouting and fully protect the stone from staining.

Onyx is a lovely natural stone choice for the home. By working with professionals, you will be able to love the new look in your home with a quality install.

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