Carpet Flooring

The Many Benefits of Carpet Flooring in Lewisville, TX

There are many great benefits for having carpet flooring in Lewisville, TX. For the most part, it adds to the decor of your home or business with its multitude of colors, patterns and pile height. Carpeting also creates the image you want your home to exude.

There are countless patterns, cuts, and colors for one to choose from so choosing which best fits your home depends on your personal taste. Carpet flooring also gives a comfortable and softer feel to your home that is soft and smooth on the feet. They can provide comfort to any room, making you feel cozy and welcomed.

Carpet flooring in Lewisville, TX can also provide insulation during the cold winters. It can provide a psychological feeling of warmth during the winter season. Carpet flooring contributes by being an extra insulation which is why they are more common in cold climate regions.

In addition, carpet flooring can be cost effective over time more than other types of flooring. They cost less to clean and maintain. Carpet also catches allergens, dust, and other foreign material, holding them until they can be properly removed.

Carpets also provide household safety especially for kids and the elderly. Carpet flooring helps save them from serious physical injuries they might sustain from slip and fall accidents. Carpet flooring is generally easier to maintain than hard surface flooring. They are less labor intensive and cost less to maintain.

Carpet Care

About 85% of households use nylon carpets, and all the rest use wool. Nylon is more built-in stain resistant than wool, although wool wears a little better. Both types of carpet are practically indestructible. After about seven to eight years, nylon fibers tend to lose their brightness before they wear out.

Vacuum. To clean your carpets, you need to have it vacuumed every day. Vacuum in high traffic areas and everywhere you tend to stay.

Spills. In cases of spills, it is advised to act as quickly as possible to avoid absorption of liquid in the carpet. Blot the area with a highly absorbent towel such as a terrycloth towel. Do not rub the surface, otherwise it will cause shading and nap distortion. You can also use neutral soaps and take out as much rinse water as you can. Dry the spot with a hair dryer.

Heavy furniture indentations. Heavy furniture dents are not really alarming; it is the wear and tear of the furniture being moved around a lot. Using plastic chair mats and padding can help to prevent dents on the carpet.

Professional cleaning. The most regular you’d need to have your carpet professionally cleaned is three to four times a year, for a room actively used by young kids. The less trafficked spaces can be cleaned once or twice a year. A reputable carpet cleaning company with insurance and some certification should do to provide you with quality service.

Carpet flooring in Lewisville, TX is available through Pro Flooring. We have a wide range of quality carpet selection to add comfort and beauty to your home.

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