Travertine Tile


Beautiful Travertine Tile in Lewisville, TX

Travertine is a type of limestone often formed by minerals dissolved in groundwater and deposited on the banks of rivers, natural springs, geysers or limestone caves. Travertine tile in Lewisville, TX has been a premium flooring material option used for centuries. It is a luxurious natural stone used not just as flooring but also for backsplashes, facades, countertops and other decorative functions.

What Travertine Looks Like

Travertine has a naturally porous and textured look. When travertine tiles are sanded and sealed, they are smooth with the appearance similar to marble. Although the difference is that marble has a distinct veiny color pattern, while travertine is more permeable.

Types of Travertine

There are four main finished looks for travertine.


Polished – Polished travertine is lustrous, glossy, and throws back light. The colors tend to be exuberant and striking. Polished travertine is remarkably polished and flat, but can be slippery when wet. Polished travertine is also very much stain resistant.


Honed – Honed travertine is the most prevalent type of travertine flooring. Honed travertine has a polished surface but has not been completely glossed. The surface tends to have a matte and non-stick appearance and closely appears like traditional travertine.


Tumbled – Tumbled travertine looks more like brushed travertine although it looks more aged and weathered. Tumbled travertine has more character than brushed travertine and can sometimes have rounded edges to give it more distinctive characteristics. This kind of travertine also needs a sealer to protect it from stains.


Brushed – Brushed travertine reflects the least amount of light and has softened colors. Wire brushes are used to abrade the surface of brushed travertine to give it more texture. Brushed travertine also needs a sealer to preserve their surface from stains.

Advantages of Travertine Flooring

The main advantage of having travertine tile in Lewisville, TX flooring is it is easy to look for a tile that fits closely to your existing tiles if ever something needs replacement. This can be difficult with other types of flooring as grains and design may be difficult to match.

Travertine is also easy to cut and shape. This simply means that you will be able to fit them in spaces that are narrow and odd. Travertine flooring is also environmentally friendly as they are made from natural materials.

Travertine Flooring Maintenance

Travertine floors require some maintenance to preserve their durability although they are sealed and filled. As with all other flooring types, routinely cleaning is the solution to keeping travertine floors long-lasting and beautiful. Sweeping the floors to keep dirt and grit from building up will keep them spotless.

Travertine floors are susceptible to spills and stains. So, if there happens to be liquid spillage, do not let it set in as travertine is porous. Travertine flooring is also sensitive to acidic substances and alkaline substances like wine, juice, lemon, and coffee. Their acidic nature can alter the porous materials of the flooring.

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