Tips for Caring for Floors of Granite Flooring in Lewisville

Granite tile is a type of polished stone that makes any room beautiful and elegant.  But while it is hardy and not easily subjected to wear and tear, it is also quite costly. It is important, therefore, to maintain it properly to keep it looking new for many years to come.  Here are some tips on how to do that from experts in granite flooring in Lewisville.

Why is Granite Good for Flooring?

Granite is an igneous rock that comes in many different natural patterns and colors, such as black, amber, brown, green, blue, red, and more—givingeach home or office a unique look and feel.  Because it’s hard and tough, it is a great choice for floors, especially in high traffic areas.  Moreover, it is resistant to heat, scratches, molds, mildew, and stains so it is not very difficult or time-consuming to care for.

Tips on Caring for Granite Floors

While it is low maintenance, granite still requires proper care like other floor types in order to keep its radiant and shiny appearance.  It goes without saying that some parts of your floor have to deal with people walking on them all the time, such as hallways,the living room, and kitchen, while other parts like corners may accumulate dust and grime over time.  Other portions, like in front of the sink or refrigerator, may be prone to a lot of spills.

Here are some tips for maintaining your granite flooring:

  • Have a maintenance expert in granite flooring in Lewisville re-apply sealant every year.
  • Put mats in front of doors for people to wipe their feet on. This will lessen the mud and dirt on your floor.
  • Wipe spills or pet accidents immediately. Leaving even tiny spills of coffee, wine, soda, or other drinks too long may cause stains.
  • Sweep and/or mop any trace of crumbs and other food particles, mud, fur,and other kinds of dirt to prevent build-up.
  • Dust or dry-mop your granite tiles daily. Make sure to clean the corners to keep grime from accumulating.
  • You can use warm water to erase spots then wipe it off with dry cloth.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or other rough material for wiping. These can leave surface scratch marks.
  • It is always best to use approved granite cleaners. Do not use bleach, detergent, ammonia, or other chemicals to clean your tiles.
  • Use granite polish to keep the surface clean and shiny.
  • Inspect the edges for any signs of cracks or chipped portions.
  • If there is a large portion that looks discolored, then have a professional cleaner handle it so as not to damage your floor.

Remember that sealant is very important for your granite tiles because it keeps water and other liquids from seeping in, thereby protecting your floor.  It also makes it easy to clean and scrub, preventing allergens and microbes from building up.

If you have questions on how to properly clean your stone floor, or if you want to know what type of cleaning materials you should use, contact an expert in granite flooring in Lewisville. You can also call them if you’re thinking of refurbishing your home or office and having new flooring installed.

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