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Top Reasons Behind Yellowed Marble Flooring in Lewisville, TX

You have enjoyed your white marble floors for years but now have started to notice the elegant flooring is beginning to yellow. The sophisticated flooring of your home is now appearing as a different color, which unfortunately, is not uncommon. There are several reasons why yellowing will occur in Marble Flooring in Lewisville, TX and even solutions to the problem. Read on to see just what you can do when your marble begins turning a shade of yellow.

Most Common Issue Behind Yellowing

The most common reason that your marble floors may be yellowing could be due to iron oxidation. Iron can easily cause white marble to begin to turn yellow. When marble flooring has been exposed to bleach, acids or water, the iron of the stone can begin to oxidize. This will turn the coloring to a yellowish tint. Marble can even turn brown in color when there is too much iron oxidation.

As marble becomes saturated with water, oxidation is more likely to occur. When excessive water exists or a pipe bursts in your home, a marble floor should be cleaned immediately. Water used to clean marble should also be tested for iron levels to ensure the water is safe for the marble. This issue may have a remedy. New products have been created that can remove iron oxidation. Speak with a stone restorer or floor company to see if they have any products that could be of use.

Dirty Flooring and Improper Cleaning

Over time, Marble Flooring in Lewisville, TX can become overly dirty. When marble is dirty and not cleaned correctly, the flooring can begin to yellow. With use, especially in high traffic areas, the polished surface can begin to wear away. Dirt will become trapped in the pores of the marble which can lead to staining. You must be sure to clean the flooring properly to ensure this does not happen to your floors. Use a clean mop to remove dirt and grime. Have floors resealed on a regular basis to ensure the top layer of polish stays intact.

Waxy Build-up

Perhaps you have had your marble flooring waxed for maximum shine. Over time, wax can build up and cause yellowing. The white marble will begin to look tinged and yellow. This can be remedied. Simply have the Marble Flooring in Lewisville, TX stripped by a professional and your floors should be back to normal.

Any homeowner who has marble floors should follow these easy steps to caring for the flooring. By following these steps, the floor will last for many years in a true, bright white color. The first step is to work with a top-rated contractor to ensure the flooring is installed correctly. Have the flooring sealed and learn the proper way to clean the marble. Be sure to clean regularly and have polished or sealed again when needed.

By caring for your marble flooring, you will be protecting your investment and be able to enjoy the beauty of your space for many years to come.

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