The Easy Way to Maintain Your Laminate Flooring Installation in Lewisville, TX

Laminate flooring installation in Lewisville, TX can add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your house. While they are relatively new innovations, laminate floors require less maintenance and are reasonably priced. They are also seen to have many great benefits over their counterparts because of their durability and ease of maintenance.

Benefits of laminate flooring

If you are considering having a laminate flooring installation in Lewisville, TX, take note of the following benefits you will get:

  • Durable. Laminate flooring materials can be quite durable and resistant to many agents that can cause discoloration in the flooring material. They are manufactured to have protection from stain causing mediums and smudges from dirt and mud. Laminate flooring materials are also UV light resistant making them resistant to fading. They can be excellent materials for entryways and hallways.
  • Cleaning. This type of flooring option has a wear layer that insulates the inner materials from occasional spills and stains, making cleaning and maintenance comparatively quite easy. Cleaning would normally just require sweeping or vacuuming the floor to remove dirt, grime, and grit which overtime can cause erosion of the floor.
  • Health. Laminate floorings are manufactured to be resistant to bacterial growth and mold contamination. They can also be specially treated with anti-allergen and anti-bacterial agents to make them more protected.
  • Versatile. Laminate floorings can be a very versatile flooring option because they can resemble various hardwood flooring materials. They can also be reproduced to have a diversity of appearance from natural stone materials to ceramic flooring.
  • Easy to install. Laminate flooring installation in Lewisville, TX can be a DIY project. But to have that consistent look you can have professionals install your flooring for you. This type of flooring material is easy to install because the planks click together when laid out. Newer models also allow you to lay out the laminates without the use of adhesive. All you have to do is to lay out the underlayment material and snap the planks unto each other.

Easy way to clean and maintain your laminate floors

Laminate floors are almost maintenance free and are relatively easy to clean. Getting them cleaned from time to time removes the problem of getting them scratched or warped. Cleaning laminate floors does not require harsh astringents because they can damage the laminates easily. They can be cleaned with warm water and mild cleansers to eliminate dirt buildup.

Regular sweeping of the floor will be sufficient enough to remove everyday dirt and eliminate dirt and debris buildup. Avoid using stiff bristled mops on the floor because it can damage the surface. Instead, you can use a vacuum with a pliable brush attachment to do the task. You can also clean your laminate flooring with lukewarm water once every few months.

In cases of spills, it is advisable to clean it up immediately to avoid the liquid from evaporating and turning into hard to remove grime. You can easily do this by using a dry cloth to soak up liquid residue.

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