Has Wide Selection of Porcelain Tiles from a Porcelain Tile Store in Lewisville, TX

Now you can add a unique touch of class to your room of choice in your home with the durable porcelain flooring tiles and the assistance of Pro Flooring TX, the best porcelain floor tile store in Lewisville, TX. Porcelain flooring tiles are ideal for their versatility and beauty making them useful in virtually any application, residential or commercial. Porcelain is a superb and unique choice to decorate walls as well.

Superior Strength, Durability, and Style
A mixture of several different clays, porcelain tiles are mixed with the color glaze then fired in a kiln under extremely high heat. Unlike their ceramic counterparts where the glaze is present on just one side, the color is in the mix, making porcelain tiles the same consistent color all the way through. Along with the clays and pigmentation, there is also a large amount of feldspar present in the mix which is fired for a longer period at a higher temperature producing a much harder, denser more durable material. Because of this manufacturing technique, porcelain tiles can be very large while still maintaining their superior strength and durability.

Rectified Porcelain Tiles
All tiles will vary slightly in size between production runs, and porcelain tiles are certainly no exception to this rule. However, porcelain tile is deliberately made over-sized so it can be cut on a diamond blade saw to produce uniform pieces of tile. This allows for smaller, more consistent grout joints between porcelain tiles and helps to create attractive, fashionable finished appearances.

Indoor and Outdoor Applications Vary Greatly
Porcelain floor tiles are oftentimes the best choice for outdoor areas such as swimming pools & decks, patios and the front path way leading to the stairs to the stairs up to your front porch, as long as they meet or exceed slip resistant requirements. The experts at the best porcelain floor tile store in Lewisville, TX can help you with this. Outdoor tiles must have a surface texture that helps make them slip resistant. In exterior environments, they will require a gritty surface, remember, the glaze is actually part of the tile so color is not sacrificed here. This unseen grit provides excellent traction when the tiles get wet. It’s always a good idea to look for products that are ADA Approved for exterior applications.

Porcelain floor tiles are typically thicker, heavier and harder than wall tiles which makes them far more durable and long lasting. Even when exposed to the elements. Their glazing being an integral part of the product is designed, in part to handle the abrasive forces presented by heavy foot traffic. More and more often as of late, outdoor porcelain floor tiles are being applied to vertical surfaces such as store fronts. This does not usually present an issue providing the surface is strong enough to support their weight and proper preparation and installation methods are utilized.

Porcelain floor and wall tiles, both interior and exterior are available in a wide range of colors and textures. These tiles can be installed with very small grout joints which will reduce both moisture permeation and cleaning times. Some porcelain tiles are even styled to give the look of wood and can oftentimes fool the untrained eye to believe they are seeing a wood floor. The hand-scraped surfaces of these types of porcelain tiles have understated veining and come in some of the most popular colors: walnut, oak and cherry.

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