Something Softer May be in Order from a Sandstone Tile Store in Lewisville, TX

Stone flooring has become increasingly popular among home and business owners in recent years. One of the more popular alternatives that is quickly emerging is sandstone. Sandstone is a softer stone than many other stone flooring materials available. This distinctive material offers a more uniform appearance than many other stone finishes and the experts at Pro Flooring LLC, the best sandstone tile store in Lewisville, TX is here to help you select the right sandstone for your particular application; be it inside or outside. If you want your space to closely resemble the desert or the beach, sandstone is the right choice for you. Sandstone will vary slightly in color, offering various shades of brown, tan, red, and gold. The benefits of sandstone are notable, from its outright beauty to its long lasting durability, sandstone is a viable choice for just about any application.

The Beauty is Natural
You will probably find the natural beauty sandstone offers is a welcome addition to your home or business. The choice may not come easily with so many colors, hues, and textures to select from. You will probably find the sandstone flooring tiles available will range from black to white, literally. This allows for the ability to create artistic patterns and themes in individual rooms or one color to maintain a total consistency throughout your space. Sandstone, being a natural element, will vary in color and texture from one tile to the next, making each tile and therefore each application unique unto itself.

Natural Durability is Another Trait
Sandstone, although on the softer side of the scale where stone is concerned, is mined from deep within a mountain making it relatively hard and highly durable. A sandstone floor will maintain its strength and durability for many years to come with the proper care and maintenance. When properly prepared, installed and sealed, your sandstone floor will easily withstand everyday traffic.

A Very Unique and Controllable Texture
Sandstone is rock. Because of that, the individual pieces will be rather jagged and highly irregular. The best sandstone tile store in Lewisville, TX will use the latest gauging techniques when installing your sandstone floor to ensure a flat, smooth surface. The texture of the floor can be easily manipulated through the finishing techniques chosen. A honed finish for a less shiny, more traction able surface, or a polished finish for a smooth shiny (albeit slightly more slippery) finish. Both finishes can be done to varying degrees creating a plethora of different finishes.

An Environmentally Friendly Flooring Choice
Sandstone is highly environmentally friendly as it is a natural material mined directly from within the earth. The professionals at Pro Flooring TX make certain we only work with providers who mine the product responsibly, paying special attention to the quarried area and its natural surroundings.

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