Natural Stone Flooring

Getting to Know Natural Stone Flooring in Lewisville, TX

A popular trend in tile flooring is not something new but actually something old, like really old. Natural stone is quickly becoming the top choice for homeowners who are installing new floors, in both exterior and interior areas of the home. Natural stone flooring in Lewisville, TX can be found in many stone types, colors and patterns, to suit any décor or style need. Natural stone is not only beautiful to the eye but also a durable material. Each tile is unique and will provide a creative look to any space.

Types of Stone Used for Tile Flooring

There are several types of natural stone that can be used for tile flooring. The top five found in residential homes are limestoneslate, basalt, granite and marble. Each type has unique features and a style all their own. Take a look at each natural stone flooring in Lewisville, TX type to be able to determine which option will work best in your home.

Marble Tiling

Marble tiles are created from the metamorphic rock which is created when limestone or dolomite undergoes intense pressure known as tectonic folding. Marble is white when considering the hue but veining will bring out various colors, all in earth tones. Because marble is considered a compact stone, tiles can be cut easily and worked with for flooring. Marble is a highly popular stone used in not only flooring but also countertops, walls and fireplaces.

Slate Tiling

Also a metamorphic rock, slate is a tiling option created from clay or organic ash. Slate is often gray in color but also can be found in green, purple and a unique turquoise color. The long lasting material is easy to care for and tiles will be able to resist absorbing water naturally.

Granite Tiling

As a type of igneous rock, granite is created from volcanic lava. Found in pink, gray or white colors, granite is known for having a speckling effect. The attractive form of granite combined with the tough materials, the option is perfect for stone tiling. Granite does well under high traffic and is resistant to moisture, working well for flooring in the home.

Basalt Tiling

Another natural stone flooring in Lewisville, TX option is basalt. This stone is also known as an igneous rock but comes in different coloring than granite, with black, brown or gray. The non-porous stone is durable and is perfect for applying to the floors of your home. Basalt is also commonly used outdoors for fire pits, swimming pools and pathways.

Limestone Tiling

A sedimentary rock flooring option can be found in limestone tiles. Created from deposits of tiny mineral particles of waterways, limestone will work as a natural stone flooring in Lewisville, TX option for your home. Limestone is porous and can easily scratch so travertine is a common option of limestone used when installing flooring. Travertine can be polished which helps to seal the flooring material.

Each of these natural stone flooring types will create a lovely area in your home to enjoy for years to come. View samples of each to find the perfect tile type for your home renovation project.

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