Limestone Tile

Pros and Cons of Limestone Tile flooring in Lewisville, TX

When remodeling the home, one of the first areas a homeowner will change is the flooring. Older homes can tend to have dirty carpet or outdated linoleum which after being replaced with new flooring, will completely change the look of the home. New flooring adds value to the home and helps you enjoy the space, having placed your own personal touch to the area. One option for flooring is stone. Limestone Tile flooring in Lewisville, TX is a popular choice among homeowners for a variety of reasons, including durability, texture and color choices.

Stone flooring such as limestone can create a lovely space in the home that can be enjoyed for many years to come. It is important for homeowners who are considering stone flooring installation to learn all the pros and cons of the floor type. There are several materials that can be used when installing stone flooring including limestone, slate, granite and travertine. Stone tiles are sliced from natural boulders and can be created in many shapes and sizes.

Once the tile is cut to size, a finish is put on the tile for a specific look. Four basic finishes are available on stone floors and include tumbled, brushed, polished and honed. When you want a textured finish, you would chose limestone that has been brushed or tumbled. If you want a reflective surface, you would choose Limestone Tile flooring in Lewisville, TX that has been polished while honed tiles will have a smooth surface and matte finish.

Pros of Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is considered an upgrade from laminate and vinyl flooring, creating a beautiful look and feel in any space. The beauty of natural stone is unmatched and with so many colors and textures to choose from, homeowners have infinite possibilities for design. The unique design is a highlighted feature as no two limestone floor tiles will look the same.

Natural stone is also a hard material and nonporous which means little to no maintenance. Certain tiles will require sealing once installed and will need to be sealed again over time. The sealing creates a barrier so the stone does not soak in liquids or stains. To clean such tiles, you only need mild soap and warm water, making cleanup a breeze and a major pro for installation.


The one drawback to installing Limestone Tile flooring in Lewisville, TX is the cost. Laminate and vinyl flooring are cheaper to install but do not have the durability like stone flooring can provide. So while the cost may be high, the benefits are vast. Paying more for durable and long-lasting flooring will pay off in the end as replacement flooring will not be needed over time.

With limestone flooring, sealing is a must. If a contractor installs the flooring type without adding a sealer, the floor can soak up stains which can ruin the look of the tile. Always be sure when installing limestone that the tiles are sealed to ensure a smooth and stain resistant finish.

Overall, stone flooring is a great choice when the flooring type meets your budget restrictions. You will have a floor that lasts a lifetime, providing beauty and style to your home.

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