The Benefits of Engineered Hardwood Floors

One way a person can bring out the classic styling, as well as the natural warmth of their home, is with hardwood flooring. In the past, not all rooms in a house were suitable for a traditional solid wood floor. This situation has changed with the introduction of the engineered hardwood floor. These floors have features that makes it possible to install them in any room in a house.


Engineered hardwood flooring (EHF) is built in layers and then bonded together. It is real wood flooring. The top layer is designed to show the natural characteristics of the type of wood chosen. Beneath the surface layer are various layers of high-density fiberboard. This provides a bond and flooring with superior strength and stability when compared to solid wood boards. This design makes it possible for wooden flooring to not change no matter what the level of humidity or temperature. EHF can do well in areas of a home that are prone to high levels of moisture.


Floor Sanding

Should an EHF develop surface marking or staining over a period of time; it can be sanded. When a wooden floor starts having a tired appearance, sanding can help bring it back to life. The number of times an EHF can be sanded will be determined by the thickness of the top layer or lamella. This flooring can be sanded and maybe sanded again during its lifetime.


The EHF provided in Lewisville looks like actual wood. EHF was at one time considered to not be the same quality as solid wood. Its development has resulted in many people in the wood flooring industry being impressed with its appearance. EHF of good quality is able to impress the harshest critic. When many individuals see it; they believe the flooring is actually solid wood.


One of the major advantages of EHF over solid wood is how it won’t expand or contract the same as solid wood. The smart construction of this flooring makes it possible to be put in places with high moisture levels where solid wood could become damaged. People have been happy with the results of having EHF flooring in their kitchen as well as bathroom and more. The moisture levels of these environments won’t have any impact on EHF.

EHF is the same as solid wood flooring as it comes in wide variety of finishes, grades and wood species. It is possible for a person to obtain the look they want as well as the best wood finish to accommodate their lifestyle. It’s also important to know the various grades of wood available make EHF able to adapt to what a person wants within their budget. If someone wants a lower budget option or an aged, oiled high-quality option; they are both available.

It is common for an EHF in Dallas to be more cost-effective than solid wood flooring with the identical appearance. The reason is simple. Less of a species tree is used with EHF. This makes them less expensive to transport. Anyone who is interested in this type of flooring for their home should see what EHF can provide for their home’s appearance. It will always come with the professional installation.

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