Flooring Material Obtained From an Engineered Hardwood Floors

The floor is the part of a home that bears the most traffic. People will walk on floor with their shoes and the furniture will be moved over the floor when you do some cleanup duties. There is every reason to install a floor that is durable and withstands the throbbing from foot traffic, pet claws, moisture issues, and other elements in addition to adding the curb appeal you want. Every flooring material is different even with wood floors. Some people may choose wood planks for their floors but others will go for engineered hardwood floors. The two are quite different and often confusing even to the floor installers. Here are reasons you would want to use a wood flooring material obtained from an engineered hardwood floors store in Lewisville, TX:

Low maintenance

The flooring material does not swell or warp and this makes it require less maintenance. However, just like any other wood material, you need to take great care of the floor. Wood is susceptible to moisture damage. However, engineered wood has been designed to reduce the problem of moisture damage that you may experience with traditional hardwood floors. That is the reason why you may find that this material is used in areas such as the basements.

Little wastage

Engineered hardwood is sliced instead of cutting it with a saw, something that reduces wastage. When you cut wood using a saw, it produces sawdust, which though can be used for other purposes like mulching, it still remains a waste. If you’re handling a big project, you may realize that there is significant amount of wood going to waste in form of sawdust if you use typical hardwood planks. Hardwood tree species take many years to grow and mature, and if there is wastage, it increases the cutting down of these trees. This is not environmentally friendly. With less wastage, it saves trees to some extent.

Greater strength and stability

The production of engineered wood makes it more stable. It is built in layers that are bonded together. Its stability makes the hardwood floors to be resistant to temperature changes and humidity. Homeowners can install the floor anywhere including finished basements that tend to be prone to moisture damage. You may want to get quality flooring material by buying them at an engineered hardwood floors store in Lewisville, TX.

Genuine, natural look

Many people will go for wood floors because of their natural look. Engineered wood may not be designed of solid hardwood, however, the fact remains – it is genuine hardwood floor meaning that when you install it, you will get the natural beauty, warmth, and lifetime value for your home. The top layer shows the natural characteristics of hardwood.

When shopping for engineered hardwood, you will find many options ranging from the texture, colors, finishes to wood species. Make sure you get the flooring material from trusted suppliers. Again, the flooring material is easier to install compared to wood planks. You may pay a little more for the material you buy from an engineered hardwood floors store in Lewisville, TX, but it comes with many benefits. Consider the reduced maintenance, the strength, and less vulnerability to the problem of moisture that is seen in typical hardwood floors.

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