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Cost of Granite Flooring in Lewisville, TX

Renovating the home is always fun and a common area that receives the most attention is flooring. Older homes will need new flooring due to scratches or stains while new home owners will want to choose the perfect option when building a new home. Granite is a beautiful natural stone that is sought after by homeowners around the world. The durable material has quality coloring and can easily be maintained for years to come. But how much would it cost to install granite flooring in Lewisville, TX? Below is a simple guide breaking down the cost of a complete granite install.

Typical Granite Tile Costs

Basic granite tiles will begin at a price point of $2 to $15 per square foot. Upgrade to a premium granite product and you will be paying, on average, $25 to $50 per square foot. When considering the price of granite tiles, take a look at your budget. Will you have an installation cost? If you are installing the tile yourself and have experience doing so, you might could opt for the more expensive tile since you are not paying for the installation. If you want to truly save money, then opt for the lower cost tiles and install yourself. Even if you have to hire a contractor to install the flooring for you, more money will be saved by going with the lower cost tile.

Installation Cost

When having Granite Flooring in Lewisville, TX installed by a professional, you will have an added cost. Most installers will charge $4 a square foot on the low end to as much as $20 or more. Find several contractors in your area who specialize in installing granite flooring and receive estimates for the project. Try to find the best deal available but also make sure the contractor is reputable and has the experience to do a good job.

DIY Installation

If you decide to install the flooring yourself, you must consider the materials cost on top of the tile purchase. You will need a wet saw for cutting tiles, hammer, nails, straight edge, circular saw, screws, trowel, thin set mortar and sealant. These materials you may own so there will be no additional cost. If you need tools, consider renting at a low cost or finding help with friends. There are ways to cut down on the material cost to be able to stay on budget. You must also consider the time you have to spend on the project. Find a weekend when you do not have to work to start. This way, you will have plenty of time to finish the installation without having to stop due to work or events.

Staying on Budget

Price out all the materials you need for the Granite Flooring in Lewisville, TX installation including labor to make sure you can afford the project. If you find you are spending too much money, consider going for a cheaper tile or do the install yourself. Save up additional funds over time if you would like to install the higher priced tiles and have someone complete the work for you.

Discover Ceramic Tile Flooring in Lewisville, TX

Ceramic tile flooring in Lewisville, TX  is one of the most popular types of flooring material used by homeowners around the world. Ceramic is made up of natural materials such as sand and clay, molded into shape and fired in a kiln. Ceramic tiles can either be glazed or unglazed.

Types of Ceramic Tiles

Glazed – Glazed tiles are coated with liquefied glass on the surface to give it brightness. Glazing the ceramic is the only difference between the unglazed tiles. Glazed ceramic tiles are slippery and are highly moisture and stain resistant. Glazed ceramic tiles are commonly used indoors and can be found in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. They come in virtually every hue and color. Glazed and porcelain tiles generally have the same appearance, only porcelain is more costly.

Unglazed – While these ceramic tiles do not go through the process of glazing, they are not as stain resistant as the glazed ceramics. Unglazed ceramic tiles are not slippery and are the better choice for certain situations. Unglazed ceramic tiles have a natural earth-toned appearance. They are the better option for outdoor settings because of their coarse texture and high slip resistance.

Advantages of ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are generally used throughout the world because it is cheaper than most of the flooring options. Aside from that they come in different colors and sizes to meet everyone’s needs.

Ceramic flooring tiles are also known for their durability. They have a much longer lifespan compared to other materials used as a backsplash or flooring. They are also highly resistant to moisture which makes them durable. Ceramic tiles are very resistant to change especially with high traffic areas. This is commonly the reason why they are used in commercial areas. They can also be slip resistant when added with abrasive glaze.

Aside from that, they also have color permanence qualities. They resist color change when exposed to various natural and chemical elements. They do not fade with constant exposure to sunlight and other natural conditions. Their color permanence helps to provide a pristine appearance that lasts a lifetime.

Ceramic flooring tiles are also very hygienic and do not require much maintenance in comparison with other flooring materials. They can be cleaned with a variety of products and will not affect their durability and quality.

Ceramic Tile Flooring Maintenance

Maintaining the quality of ceramic tile flooring in Lewisville, TX is very easy. They are very low-maintenance and do not require too much time to clean. Glazed ceramics are particularly very durable and resilient. They already have a barrier protection that is impervious to elements like dirt, stain, water, and tough chemicals.

One thing to keep in mind when cleaning floor tiles is to make sure dirt, grime, and spills do not get a chance to be embedded. So, it is important to clean up spills and other foreign materials as soon as possible.

A regular maintenance of sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floor will go the long way to keeping your ceramic floor tile clean and shiny. Mixing a cup of white vinegar in a gallon of water will effectively eliminate odor as well as remove stains.

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