Granite Flooring Store in Lewisville, TX: Cracking the Myths about Granite Flooring

With numerous improvements in the architectural designs, it was difficult to wish away the elegance that comes with Granite flooring. The drive to keep your home shining is likely to turn you into a Granite Flooring store in Lewisville, TX. However, numerous misconceptions are likely to bar you from getting the beautiful floor that you have always wanted. It might be worse if you cannot discern facts from the common myths about the materials. Before you shy away from granite floors, you need to know the following myths:

Granite tiles are expensive

When it comes to selecting construction materials, most people consider granite as a last alternative, and a costly one. That might have held some weight in the last three decades but is not the case today. Granite prices fell drastically since 2002 going below most of the synthetic flooring materials such as Siltstone. Considering the stunning appearance and durability, it is arguably the best bet that homeowners can take.

Granite stains

Before you set foot in a Granite Flooring store in Lewisville, TX, you might fall prey to the most conspicuous myth about the flooring material. It is among the most enduring misconceptions surrounding granite floors. Granite is stain resistant perhaps better than most synthetic materials such as solid plastics and laminates. It explains why the material is widely used in external cladding surfaces of the commercial buildings. It withstands weather elements without losing the natural features.

It Fades

While it is common in marble, granite does not lose its shine over time. It falls close to the diamond as one of the hardest substances. Hence the reason diamond pads are used in polishing the flooring materials. It takes more than regular traffic and house activities to cause abrasion on the surface of the floor and eventually dull it. Homeowners can rest assured that the floor will keep the shine for several decades.

Succumbs to heat

As you plan to visit a Granite Flooring store in Lewisville, TX, you might be worrying about the flooring ability to contain heat. Most of the plastic components succumb to high levels of heat increasing the cost of maintenance and repairs. It is not the case for granite floors as you can move hot dishes on the floor without causing any damage, not even a scratch.

The heat coming from pots and pans is not sufficient to crack the inherent strength of granite. Most of the synthetic solid materials succumb to heat exceeding 400 degrees F, as they can only hold to such levels. Granite lacks constituent components that can burn under few thousands of degrees. Not even direct flame can burn the material.

It is hard to maintain

A vast majority of homeowners are looking for affordable flooring installation and low-cost maintenance. In most instances, the two components are hard to get in one package, as cheap parts do not last, raising the need for routine repairs that come at a cost. Regular cleaning with slightly soapy water is sufficient to last the floor for decades.

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