Why Should You Put New Kitchen Flooring in?

Are you feeling inspired to design the perfect kitchen? Whether you’re redoing your current kitchen or making plans for a newly built kitchen in your next home, there’s no better place than Pro Floors LLC, your kitchen flooring store in Lewisville, TX. From hardwood to laminate and tile, we have the best selection of kitchen flooring for your new kitchen.

Adding new or updating existing kitchen flooring can do many things for your home. By updating your current kitchen or designing the best kitchen for your new home, you’ll set the pace for the rest of your home. The right kitchen flooring will work wonders for your whole home. With the right flooring, you’ll open up your home to a livelier feel, adding a vibrant life and environment in your connected dining and living areas.

What Kind of Flooring Can You Choose from?

We offer a large variety of flooring in customizable designs and styles to choose from. If you’re thinking about which floors will suit your needs best, take a look below at just some of the flooring we offer to see if they might be a good fit for you. As always, if you need any help choosing, give us a call or come to our amazing show room to seek the support of our friendly staff for guidance with your flooring.


Laminate flooring is a popular option for kitchen flooring because it comes in a vast array of colors and styles to match your chosen décor. It’s easy to install, affordable, and durable.  Many people choose laminate flooring to match their homes’ style on a budget as laminate can be made to look and feel like stone, tile, or hardwood.

Solid Hardwood

If your house has an open floor plan and you’d like a more cohesive look, you can choose hardwood that will bring together your kitchen and other living areas with a beautiful finish that can be enjoyed for years to come. Solid hardwood can always be refinished to freshen the look of your kitchen and house over the years.

Engineered Hardwood

If you’re worried about spills or live in a humid location, you may opt for engineered wood. With engineered wood, you’ll get the beauty of hardwood flooring with the added durability of the tougher fiberboard underneath that will resist spills better and stand up to humidity a little better as well.


For those of you who do a lot of spilling, splashing, and cleaning in the kitchen, you might like to choose vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is durable and cost efficient but most notably, it’s water resistant so frequent spills won’t ruin its’ appearance.


Tile offers an elegance that some other flooring options can’t compete with. No matter your color preference or design style, tile can be made from many materials including ceramic, stone, porcelain, and cement.

Always Choose Pro Floors, The Best Kitchen Flooring Store in Lewisville, TX

When you’re in need of kitchen flooring and kitchen flooring essentials, always choose Pro Floors LLC. Our friendly staff is here to take the stress out of designing your dream kitchen!

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