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Kitchen remodels are very exciting, but also very challenging. When it comes to improving our homes and spending a lot of money while doing it, most of us tend to be perfectionists, rightly so. You’ll need all the help you can get for a kitchen remodel Lewisville—opinions from friends and family, input from a designer, expertise from installers and the patience of your own busy mind. Ultimately, a ton goes into a successful remodel, but all it truly takes is a plan and execution of a plan.

Let’s start planning…

kitchen remodel LewisvilleFirst off, you have to assess your situation and decide on either a kitchen overhaul, a cosmetic adjustment, or something in between. Assess your needs and your budget. BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET! The last outcome you want is to dive into a project that you can’t pay for. Or, a project that you can pay for, all the while sacrificing other expensive priorities in your life. It’s like the old saying, “don’t let your eyes get bigger than your stomach”.

Per, the national average spent on a kitchen remodel is $22,738, with a general range of $12,553 – $34,080. These numbers configure remodeling projects that are moderate to extreme. Expenses vary not only by how much of your kitchen you remodel, but also the specific materials used within the remodel.

For example, marble countertops are going to cost more than laminate countertops and hardwood flooring is going to cost more than vinyl flooring. You’ll have to match desired materials with your budget. Even with lesser-renown materials, it is possible to create an impressive looking kitchen.

Get a feel for pricing and try to at least narrow down your kitchen design materials. Once narrowed, your selection process will of course simplify. And when working to determine your project budget, it is wise to allot 7% -15% more in order to account for unforeseen issues. Just a friendly bit of advice!

Next, let’s dissect your future kitchen piece by piece…

A countertop that will survive the test of time

Appeal and durability are the top qualities to consider for a kitchen remodel Lewisville. If you can purchase materials that possess those two qualities then you’re in great shape, now and for years to come.

For countertops, natural stone is your best bet. We’re talking granite, quartz, travertine, marble, limestone, soapstone and slate.

To first address appeal, natural stone presents such a confident and sophisticated look. The natural grain of the natural stone types also presents somewhat of an artistic appeal. Visitors will no doubt be entranced and envious of your natural stone countertop.

But which option is best?

Granite and quartz are popular because they balance appeal, durability and affordability. Essentially, they offer the most for their value. You’d be purchasing a material that is heat-resistant, strong, easy to maintain, long-lasting and beautiful. The only real difference between granite and quartz is quartz is slightly harder; thus, it may last slightly longer.

Marble is very friendly on the eyes; however, that friendliness is costly for the homeowner. If you can afford marble then more power to you, but chances are countertop options like the aforementioned granite and quartz, or travertine and limestone, will be more economical as substitutes.

For all natural stone countertop materials, be sure to have them sealed. Natural stone is porous, meaning vulnerable to moisture. Moisture seeping beyond the surface and into the core can result in staining, or discoloration–something you certainly do not want to have happen to your impressive countertops. A sealant essentially creates a layer of safety to protect the countertop from damage.

Flooring that will last and maintain

The appearance of kitchen flooring is important to a kitchen remodel Lewisville; however, there’s a good chance most attention will go to areas that are more so at eye level, i.e. countertops and cabinetry. That’s why durability and ease of maintenance are the top priority with flooring.

You can opt in for the wonderful looks of hardwood or natural stone flooring, but you’d be taking a more considerable risk with potential water damage. Natural stone holds up well against wear and tear; though, hardwood scratches can be noticeable if ample.

Your best chance of winning the fight against water damage is by placing porcelain or ceramic tile at the battlefront.

Porcelain has a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. Ceramic has a water absorption rate of slightly above 0.5%. There’s a reason these tiles are typically trusted for outdoor use. They are durable and reliable. In addition, they do a nice job of blending, complimenting the primary features of a kitchen remodel Lewisville.

Homeowners often underestimate the versatility of tile flooring. You can find a wide variety of tile flooring designs. All designs are warm and welcoming. Porcelain actually has a through body feature, a feature that maintains the surface color even below the surface if the surface is cracked or chipped. In other words, through body hides flooring blemishes.

Wall color that will brighten your kitchen

kitchen remodel LewisvilleCritical to the overall kitchen remodel design is the color of the kitchen walls. Use natural light as your gauge. If your kitchen benefits from a plentiful amount of natural light, then you can be slightly bolder with your wall coloring. If it lacks natural light, you need to paint the walls a lighter color.

It’s well-known that lighter colors make spaces seem larger. That’s why you almost always see light-colored paint in bathrooms. For the centerpiece of your home, which is most likely your kitchen, you want the room to seem as spacious as possible, and to feel as inviting as possible. The way to accomplish this is, you guessed it, to paint your kitchen walls with a light color.

Light gray is always a nice go-to, as is beige. You’ll have a good idea of a few ideal colors based on the rest of your kitchen design. Depending on the overall color scheme, a light blue, yellow, or soft green can effectively flaunt your kitchen. To elaborate on a previous note, solid colors can work if you have an open kitchen and an open floor plan with plenty of natural light. For example, a solid blue or a burgundy kitchen wall.

Cabinetry to compliment all else

Cabinets can be tricky. They seem simple, but you have to consider the fact that they are all over your kitchen and they therefore carry a big presence. The good news is once you select the design for one cabinet, you’ve officially selected the design for all other cabinets.

Choose your wood color. Gray is a good neutral option that can match many floors, countertops and wall colors. The same goes for white. Just like wall color, cabinet color plays an important role in opening up your kitchen and making it feel more spacious. Brown works well with warm kitchens and matches well with hardwood flooring and black countertops.

If you are replacing your cabinets, have some fun in exploring the many different wood options. You really can’t go wrong with any choice, whether it be oak, hickory or maple. You’ll also have to decide on the height of your cabinets, whether base, wall, or tall.

Add an elegant backsplash

A backsplash is optional, however, recommended. It’s arguably the most influential design aspect of a kitchen remodel Lewisville. How can we back that claim? Just consider the infinite design flexibility of backsplashes. All sorts of colors, materials, patterns…one adds tremendous character to a room that consists of many solid colors.

Backsplashes compliment natural stone countertops to perfection. In fact, you could even use the same material for your backsplash as you do for your countertop. A granite backsplash can look great above a granite countertop. The design will of course be different, but each design of the same material will give your kitchen all sorts of character and will balance out the solid colors of your cabinets, floors and appliances.

Glass backsplashes also look very nice, and you can even find backsplashes in concrete, brick, or wood forms.

Modern appliances as the finishing touch

You can’t finish up a kitchen remodel Lewisville without updated kitchen appliances. Sure, they can cost a decent buck as a whole, but a brand-new refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave will last for a very long time. And you best believe each will be backed by a generous warranty. Frankly, you can’t go wrong with stainless-steel appliances for really any kitchen design. Your modern options are limited, but the stainless-steel appearance is consistent and won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

Make sure your kitchen flows with surrounding rooms

It’s important to take on the remodeling project with your entire home in mind, not just the single room. Now, you don’t necessarily have to account for the upstairs bedrooms or a downstairs bathroom, but adjoined rooms to your kitchen need to be consistent with the kitchen design, and vise versa.

Considering surrounding rooms might even make your kitchen design decisions easier. That is, if you like the way its surrounding rooms look. If you plan on remodeling surrounding rooms as well then allow your kitchen design to set the tone for the entire downstairs.

It’s all about FLOW. People can ooh and ah as much as they want as their eyes are directed towards your kitchen, but you don’t want to the rest of the house to suffer in comparison. A brand-new kitchen should be the star of the home. With that said, make sure connected rooms are also up to par.

What else?

kitchen remodel LewisvilleDon’t forget about light fixtures, handles/knobs, and random décor throughout the kitchen. Light fixtures can be a nice accent to a kitchen remodel Lewisville. Fixtures hanging over your kitchen island or kitchen table get more attention than you may realize.

Countertop lighting has become rather popular. Moreover, lights that exist at the bottom of kitchen cabinets and shine directly onto the countertop. There’s nothing wrong with literally shining light onto the coolest part of your kitchen. Lighting in general can set the mood throughout the kitchen. Thus, it’s important to have various ways to light your the room—different areas of lighting and different settings for lighting.

We tried to break a kitchen remodel Lewisville down for you piece by piece, and area by area. Hopefully this helps ease your project plan and your overall thought process towards remodeling. Plus, there are so many resources available to help you through the remodel. Find a reliable contractor to help with design and installation. Remodeling professionals should be able to guide you through your decision making and scheme up an eye catching, long-lasting kitchen masterpiece.

Pro Flooring will execute a kitchen remodel Lewisville for you! We’ll install your flooring, countertops and handle all other installation aspects of your project. Our remodeling team has helped remodel many kitchens over the years and we’ll be sure to remodel yours just as you draw it up!

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