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At Pro Flooring, we have everything to suit your needs no matter what your taste in marble flooring calls for. Our marble flooring store in Lewisville, Texas is prepared to give you the floors of your dreams!

Why Choose Marble Flooring for Your Home or Business?

There’s no doubt about it, marble flooring has an air of elegance to it. Whether choosing it for your kitchen or elsewhere in your home or business, it’s a grand way to add style to your motif. Marble is harvested from inside mountains, coming in a wide variety of colors, the stones and slabs are then refined for use as tiles, slabs, or mosaics.

By adding marble flooring to your kitchen you’ll add sophistication and charm that will ruminate throughout your home. Marble flooring is all natural, cut from large slabs, so your individual tiles will have their own unique beauty to add to the room. You can choose from various shades and hues to match your taste.

If protecting the environment is an interest of yours, take note that marble flooring is all natural and eco-friendly. You can reduce your ecological footprint by choosing this biodegradable flooring for your home or business. Another plus is that marble is a natural stone that will withstand the test of time. Even in places with high foot traffic such as the kitchen, with proper care and maintenance, your marble flooring will last for years to come.

Due to the manner in which marble is harvested, you can choose to install larger single pieces of a natural slab that tend to have a more “matched” look, or smaller individual tiles that will have slight variations from tile to tile.

Marble flooring is unlike others stone flooring due to its’ unique ability to take on a high polish. Producers are able to give marble flooring an extremely smooth and gleaming finish that most others stone flooring cannot achieve. This polish gives your marble flooring the ability to show off its’ color in a more dramatic look.

Why Choose Pro Flooring?

Pro Flooring is your premier marble flooring store in Lewisville, Texas! At Pro Flooring, we want to help you choose the best marble floors to suit your taste and provide elegance in your home or business. We provide quality customer service and take pride in our commitment to you, our client.

Our team of professionals are here for you every step of the way. From deciding which marble flooring will suit your taste and style through installation, we’re here to help. We know we aren’t the only marble flooring store in Lewisville, Texas but we strive to be the best one. We appreciate your business and show our dedication to you by offering competitive pricing to fit your budget. With fair pricing, a variety of elegant marble to choose from and superior customer service, we’re the best choice for your marble flooring needs. Visit us today at Pro Flooring, the finest professionals in marble flooring.

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