A home’s flooring is the most abused part of the residence because of all the constant foot traffic and movement of furniture. Therefore, it is very important to choose a flooring that will be ideal for your home, limit the wear and tear, fit into your family’s lifestyle, and yet stay within your budget.

Why Use Vinyl Flooring?

 Types of Flooring

Vinyl sheet flooring is 6 or 12 feet wide sheets. Tile flooring uses tiles 9″x9″ or 12″x12″. Sheet flooring is easier to install and is more water resistant, but tile is often more popular because it results in the look of a ceramic tile floor at a more affordable cost.

 How is Vinyl Made?

Inlay tile has multiple fused-together layers of the same colors and pattern that go all the way through to the backing. This is important so that the look will be the same even if a layer or two is eventually worn away.

“Rotogravure” tile is less expensive than inlay, but has only a thin layer on top. It is colored with paint and then covered with a protective coating. Over a period of time, or with extreme traffic, that layer can wear through.

 What are the Benefits?

A popular option, vinyl is a “synthetic cousin” to linoleum. It is versatile, has durability, stands up well to heavy traffic, is comfortable under the feet and reduces noise, all making today’s vinyl floors attractive and yet cost effective. It is also 100 percent water, scratch, mildew, stain, and heat resistant, and is frequently used when remodeling any room to replace higher maintenance carpet.

A Decorator’s Dream

You cannot tell the difference between original marble, wood, or stone, and the “impostor” that can be made. It is possible to transfer any printed visual effects or photos onto the product, print the image, and do proper layering to protect the product and perfect the look to enhance any room.


Just wipe any moisture or spills off of the flooring using a cloth to maintain its condition. That certainly saves you energy, time, and money.


There are do-it-yourself installation kits, but many homeowners realize that it is best to choose a contractor in order to achieve a professional look and be sure that the sub-floor and the surface are properly prepared to avoid any imperfections. The cost of installation may also include removal and disposal of the old floor, all materials needed, and other benefits.

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