Considerations When Buying from a Wood Flooring Store in Lewisville, TX

There are many flooring materials people can use ranging from concrete, tiles, vinyl, to wooden floors. The material you choose will depend on what you want to get from the finished floor surface. Some people will want to have a natural look while others prefer the contemporary look of floors. Regardless, you need to ensure you get the right, quality floor material. Many people prefer hardwood flooring because of its uniqueness and the ability to create a natural feel and look in your home. Hardwood floors are beautiful, and can go well with most rooms within a home. When you install hardwood floors, it just evokes the richness, charm, and classic look you so desire to have in your home. When choosing hardwood floors from a wood flooring store in Lewisville, TX, you should consider a number of things, which include:

Solid verses engineered

When installing wood floors, you may want to go with solid hardwood or the engineered wood. Solid wood is obtained by milling from a piece of wood and it can last for years if proper care is taken. The problem with this type of wood floor is that it may not work well in damp areas because it is susceptible to humidity and temperature changes.

Engineered wood on the other hand is made by bonding together layers of hardwood plies to give it stability and more strength. This type of wood flooring can work even in areas that experience dampness such as baths and basements. The choice between solid and engineered wood is mostly determined by the subfloor, location, and method of installation.


If you opt for solid hardwood floors, you may want to choose those that look new and shiny. You can even consider buying a hardwood floor with disguised heavy use. This gives the floor the antique, timeworn appearance that some people may prefer to have. Choose the desired texture of wood floor when buying from a wood flooring store in Lewisville, TX.

The hardness

Floors tend to experience a lot of traffic from the pets, people, and even the moving of items like furniture. For the busy households that have kids and pets, it is crucial that they choose wood species that are hardest. Species such as red oak can withstand wear and tear but softer hardwood species like pine may suffer scratches easily. Solid hardwoods can be sanded and refinished when they suffer defects like scratches from pet claws or toddler toy’s digs.

The finish

Hardwood finishes instill natural floor colors and the luster you need. They also protect the surface. You may want to consider if you will buy prefinished wood, which of course simplifies the installation while also eliminating chemical fumes, dust, and waiting time, or you will go for site-finished floors.

The factory-applied finishes tend to attract a longer warranty and may last longer than the site-applied finished woods. However, if you want to use a unique finish or stain color, you can opt for the site-finished floors.

Installing wood floor increases the value of your home. It gives a unique look to the home with natural features. Make sure you choose the right wood floor from a wood flooring store in Lewisville, TX for enhanced durability, strength, and application.

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