Bathroom Frameless Glass Lewisville

Gone are the days when shower curtains were an acceptable form of bathroom decoration. Now, it’s all about frameless glass shower covers! Subtle and significant bathroom remodels can benefit greatly from bathroom frameless glass Lewisville. Your master bath will take on a new and improved look; a look that will have you gazing into your bathroom just for pure content.

What exactly will frameless glass bring to the table (or bathroom, in literal speaking)? Let’s start by reviewing the pros and cons of bathroom frameless glass Lewisville…



Frameless glass shower panels/doors can be customized for perfect fitting. You simply have to rely on the expertise of a bathroom remodeling contractor for measurement, glass formation and glass installation. This can be done in one phone call. You won’t have to peruse 10 different department stores and speak with 20 different workers to find the perfect, already-built framed glass door for your shower.

At the end of the day, you are in for a much more satisfying product anytime customization is an option. Customization enables you to have something done just as you want it…no flaws, no uncertainties, and no stress.


bathroom frameless glass LewisvilleBathroom frameless glass Lewisville will have your bathroom, guest or master, looking much nicer. Frameless glass doors let a bathroom breath. They open up a bathroom, making it seem larger and more inviting. It’s difficult to put the influence of a frameless glass shower into words, so you can get a visual from the image to the right.

Is that a bathroom that you would feel comfortable being in?

Here’s another thought…

Frameless glass showers enable creative shower design. When your shower is covered by a curtain or by fuzzy glass with surrounding frames, you don’t have the opportunity to show off your shower design. You could have beautiful marble walls and floors within your shower and no one would have a clue. You don’t want that.

Plus, bathroom frameless glass Lewisville gives you the opportunity to upgrade the inside of your shower. So, you can finally have those beautiful marble walls installed if that fulfills the look that you’ve been dreaming up all these years.

The bottom line is you will have an extra design element in your bathroom. An impressive looking shower can be an incredible addition to other impressive looking bathroom features like granite countertops and porcelain flooring. And, if the surrounding features are not all that impressive, a visual appealing shower will simply afford your bathroom a boost in appeal!


If you had to pick a material to clean, it would probably be glass. You won’t have to worry about scum and you won’t have to throw your arm out scrubbing like a maniac for half an hour. The only thing you really need to protect your frameless glass from is water spots. You can do this by purchasing a miniature squeegee at a very low cost. Running the squeegee over the glass after each shower will prevent water spots from forming and staying. To clean, you can spray Rain-X or something to the equivalent.

For permanent protection, consider a Shower Guard. Shower Guards seal the glass as it is being manufactured and the seal maintains forever. If your glass is sealed with a Shower Guard then you won’t have to worry about cleaning the glass. You might want to run the idea of a Shower Guard by your contractor to see if one has been applied.

Ultimately, it is much easier to clean frameless glass than it is its alternatives. Framed glass can be a pain because you have to clean deep into the crevices of the frame to either rid of scum or to prevent scum from building up. These areas can become moldy if they are neglected in the cleaning process.


A revamped bathroom can make a big difference in overall home value. Certain materials used throughout a bathroom carry a lot of value and those materials combined can translate to thousands of dollars in improved resale.

Natural stone is a valuable material for bathrooms, as is glass. People like the look of these materials, it’s as simple as that. They both represent sophistication and luxury and they both fit the “modern” mold perfectly. Future buyers will like what they see and express their likings by offering more for the home.

It’s also important to realize the impact that a remodeled kitchen or bathroom can have on your home’s value. If there are room-types within your home that benefit most from a remodel, it’s those two. Why? Because kitchens and bathrooms require the most design effort and flexibility. Buyers would love to walk into a new home without having to remodel the kitchen or bathroom themselves.


Another nice thing about bathroom frameless glass Lewisville is that the number of parts included is very minimal. We’re talking a couple of glass panes and a couple of metal hinges…that’s it! We’ll discuss glass care here in a second, but the reality is your frameless glass doors should last for a very long time without having to be replaced. And if anything goes wrong with the hinges, give the manufacturer a call and a representative will know exactly what parts are needed for replacement.

There aren’t many parts to keep track of. This makes everyone’s job easier. Framed showers aren’t exactly considered complicated either, but installing new frames and new parts can be a bit tricky. You will not get too many opportunities to purchase a bathroom item that is visually appealing, easy to maintain and long-lasting. But that’s exactly what you’ll get with bathroom frameless glass Lewisville.



bathroom frameless glass LewisvilleYou know how it goes. When you commit to a product that looks great, you’re likely going to have to pay a little extra. Though, in the case of bathroom frameless glass Lewisville, the initial investment will be well worth it. Again, you are purchasing frameless glass doors for the vast betterment of your bathroom. You’ll benefit from an advanced look, a product that is simple to maintain, and a product that will contribute to increased home value. What more can you ask from a shower enclosure?

Frameless glass will range from as little as $100 to as much as $1,300. It depends on where you get it from and the quality of glass that you select. In comparison to other bathroom remodeling aspects, frameless glass doors are very much affordable.


Glass can break. After all, it is known to be fragile. However, bathroom frameless glass Lewisville is tempered. Tempered glass is tougher and considerably less fragile than true glass. Still, it can be damaged.

Frameless glass can break if:

  • Poorly installed
  • Containing glass inclusions (glass defects in the fabrication process)
  • Exposed to significant changes in temperature or humidity levels
  • Hit with a major impact

The chances of any of the above occurring are very slim. Rely on the production of a trusted manufacturer, rely in the work of a trusted professional installation company, keep your home temperatures consistent, and don’t take a hammer to your tempered glass. Easy asks from a homeowner, wouldn’t you agree?

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons for bathroom frameless glass Lewisville. When it comes to overall product quality and function, you will be in good shape. Even the cons are in a bit of a gray area. Sure, frameless glass can be expensive on the high end; however, the low-to-mid prices are certainly reasonable.

What else should you know about Bathroom Frameless Glass Lewisville?


Some bathroom remodeling activities are do-it-yourself friendly; however, installing frameless glass doors is not one of them. The glass must be a perfect fit or else you, the homeowner, will be subject to glass breakage and/or water leakage.

Frameless glass is on its own. Well, it of course has some support from exterior metal fixations, but other than that, not much is keeping the glass in place. Part of the reliability is cutting the glass to where it is thick enough and precise enough to where it will fit perfectly into place. Those expectations are likely beyond the capabilities of your average homeowner.

Frameless shower glass typically weighs between 80 and 100 pounds. It is not light and it is not necessarily easy to handle. Therefore, you would be wise to let the professionals handle the material. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the end result. You’ll have to pay for the installation, but the payment will be worth the affirmation of properly installed, long-lasting frameless shower glass doors.


bathroom frameless glass LewisvilleA half glass shower is a popular look in today’s modern home. Instead of having an actual glass door that you either slide, push, or pull to open, you would have an open space to walk through to enter the shower. We’ll try to paint a better picture…

Imagine you walk into your bathroom and the shower is directly ahead. It is enclosed by two side walls and a back wall. In this instance, the front would be half glass on one side and no glass on the other. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but the look does give the bathroom slightly more uniqueness and character.

Another option is to stick with the same front shower layout, only have it to where the glass half is half glass and half wall. Too many halves to think about, right? You would still have the opening on one side to walk through, but the other side would have a top half glass and a bottom half stone, brick or concrete. Again, tough to explain in words but you can check out the image to the right to gain a better idea.

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Home remodeling projects are always sensitive. You’re naturally going to be nervous anytime a part of your home undergoes a transition, major or minor. That’s why it’s important to hire a company that has plenty of experience and a great reputation for service.

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