Unveiling the Benefits and Myths about Frameless Shower Doors

Modern bathrooms are all about flow, openness, and fluidity. You should be able to take pleasure and relax in your bathroom’s design. That is why you need to have the right model with appropriate features. You need to invest in a frameless shower door to enjoy the seamless, open and contemporary space. Here are reasons why you should consider a frameless shower for your next bathroom renovation or installation project.

Easy to maintain

You can easily manage a frameless shower door without using harsh cleaning equipment and chemicals. You just require a wet rag to clean the shower because it doesn’t have frames or hinges that act as a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. That makes them safer for homes with kids.

Make shower area appear contemporary

Frameless door showers are simple; therefore, they look modern. The glass shower gives visual accentuation because you see things that are behind the shower door including the tiles or wall paintings used to decorate your bathroom walls. The simpler space, the more elegant it becomes.

Allows natural light

The type of shower allows natural light into the shower area. That means that you don’t have to incur extra energy costs using artificial light. When the natural light gets into your shower area, it adds beauty because the misty sunlight makes it appealing. Dark showers are intimidating, and they appear smaller than their actual space.

Myths about frameless shower doors

You have heard so much about a frameless shower, and some of the information is not true. Don’t buy into the false stories that will discourage you from installing the doors in your bathroom. Instead, look at the misconceptions and learn about the truth about this type of shower doors.

They shatter easily

Falling in the shower and breaking the glass door is a fear you need to let go because that is fiction. Manufacturers manufacture and design glass doors to be sturdy and robust. That means that your glass door will not shatter from typical bathroom falls. Notably, frameless showers are even stronger than framed showers because their materials don’t corrode and the glass is tempered.

They are hard to clean

Glass shower doors are the easiest to clean compared to other types of shower doors. With the various washing products in the market, you will only be spoilt for choice. Some doors are manufactured with a protective coating that keeps water stain off the glass. The epoxy added during the production process makes glass showers easy to clean.

They leak water

It is unfortunate that most people don’t understand how frameless showers function. People believe that since the showers don’t have a frame, there will be significant gaps between the glass and the structure allowing water leakage. Professional installation and construction ensure that there is a proper amount of slope, which means that the shower drains rather than leasing outside the enclosure. Decent frameless door showers have shower dams, buttress, and straight walls to prevent leakage.

Frameless showers can be circular, triangular or oval. You can choose the design that best complements your house while still suiting your preferences and needs. Make sure you select the right installation expert to do the fixing and designing to ensure that you get what you want.

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