Bathroom Remodel Lewisville

It’s time to finally follow through and upgrade that bathroom you’ve been underwhelmed by for so many years. A bathroom remodel Lewisville will be fun! You get to make design decisions and establish the feng shui, while letting professional installers take care of the tangible work in making your design a reality. Though, do keep in mind, remodeling a bathroom is no basic task.

If you are planning for an overhaul, you’ll need to consider each of the following aspects of your bathroom:


Think style and function. You want a floor that is safe and durable, while also visually appealing. Is that combination possible? Certainly.

Porcelain or ceramic tile are your best options for bathroom remodel Lewisville. Glazed versions, to be specific. Glazed tile has grip. It handles water well and it provides traction, making it safe for all bathroom occupants. Porcelain tile has a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. It is by all means impervious to water penetration. Such a reliable quality proves why porcelain is so common in bathrooms across the country.

bathroom remodel LewisvilleCeramic, on the other hand, has a water absorption rate just slightly above that of porcelain. In fact, if a tile is heated with the intention of forming into porcelain, but doesn’t have an absorption rate of less than 0.5%, that tile would automatically be categorized as ceramic. The two tile types are extremely similar. You may have a bit more design freedom with porcelain; however, you really can’t go wrong with either in your bathroom.

Another option is natural stone flooring. This category typically includes granite, marble, travertine, quartz, slate, and soapstone. Natural stone flooring offers a very advanced, sophisticated look, but it is a bit of a risk in regard to durability. Actually, the floor types are known to be extremely durable aside from water vulnerability. Water vulnerability is a definite threat in bathrooms.

If you opt for natural stone flooring, be sure the floor is sealed. A seal will create a barrier to protect against moisture. It should last for a year or two depending on the product. Your best bets for natural stone water-resistant flooring will be marble or soapstone.

In general, natural stone flooring is considerably more expensive than porcelain/ceramic.


Continuing with the natural stone theme, its various materials make for the best countertops in bathroom remodel Lewisville. The durability of natural stone really flaunts as a countertop. Water is not nearly the threat that it is with flooring. You would still be wise to seal your countertop(s), but making the simple effort to wipe any water from the surface would keep it in fine shape. Beyond that, natural stone is heat-resistant, strong against impact, and beautiful in appearance.

Each type offers a unique design through unique grain. No matter what base color, the look of a natural stone countertop will be truly mesmerizing. One will upgrade your bathroom beyond imagination.

Natural stone by the slab can be pricey. Typically, prices per square foot will rank as follows (lowest to highest): soapstone, travertine, granite, quartz, marble, slate. You can pay less if opting for a tile countertop as opposed to slab. The look will suffer slightly, but your budget likely takes precedence.


Decisions regarding flooring, countertops and wall design will be most impactful. The rest of your bathroom features hold a complimentary purpose. Really, wall design should be established before all.

White walls are safe, but basic. You can sacrifice a standout wall color, but only if other features stand out, such as flooring. You can’t go wrong with a shade of gray for your wall color. Gray is safe, but also inviting. Plus, it’s an easy color for the rest of your design to match.

Ultimately, you wall paint should be influenced by the amount of natural light your bathroom benefits from. If it doesn’t get much natural light then light wall colors are best. If it gets a lot of natural light, then you can try a wall color that is more on the bold spectrum. Often times, a light blue or a faded yellow make for a welcoming atmosphere.

You can also consider material walling. The aforementioned porcelain/ceramic tiles and natural stone tiles can look impressive as a bathroom surrounding. Just be sure you don’t have too much of one material. Moreover, don’t have granite tile installed on the floor and the walls. You could even paint the top half of a wall and place stone on the bottom half for bathroom remodel Lewisville.

Frankly, there are far too many design options to cover. You’ll have a good feel for what you want your bathroom walls to look like. Just work from there!


bathroom remodel LewisvilleShower or bath, or both? Many people don’t even take baths, yet, they have one in their bathroom. If you don’t take baths, and no one in your family takes baths, why have one?

The removal of a bath can be a great space saver. Especially for smaller bathrooms, any few feet of additional freedom can make a huge difference. Frameless walk-in showers are the new rage. They can be customized to not only blend with the design, but also add to it. Two glass panels will separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom. The glass panels will create a more infinite look, as opposed to a bathroom space being cut off by a shower curtain. Within a walk-in shower, the wall tile and floor tile need to look nice, as they will be visible through the glass panels.

Handheld showerheads are also all the rage in bathroom remodel Lewisville. A shower will have a fixture that fixates the handheld showerhead above your head (as is tradition), but it will also be movable to where you can remove it from the fixture and wash that way. It’s a high-class option that is as much for function as it is for appeal.


Finally, a simpler decision to make! Cabinets are relatively straight forward. They can be painted any color of your choosing, but the chances are your bathroom will look just fine with the traditional black, brown, white or gray. Storage space is the main thing to consider with cabinetry.

Far too often, a homeowner undergoes a bathroom remodel Lewisville and forgets to account for needed storage space. It may not be what first comes to mind; however, storage is vital. You need space for toiletries, cleaning products, towels, hair products, blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, shaving kits, etc. Those many little items sure can add up!

As a piece of advice, try to make a list of all of the objects that you expect to fill your cabinets with. The list will have more impact on the remodeling project than you think. For instance, you may have to forgo the plan to install a pedestal sink in favor of a vanity. A vanity will of course offer storage space, while a pedestal sink will not.


Now we’re getting into the finishing touches. Fixtures are less important than many other bathroom features, but they are nothing to be shrugged at. You’ll need to find some that compliment the overall design. Most everything you’ll find at your local department store meets the modern criteria for bathroom remodel Lewisville.

Light fixtures, mirror and mirror frame are the most important. They take up more space than you might realize, and in smaller bathrooms, they may even be the main areas of focus. Be wise to your mirror size. Choose your countertop first, that way you know the necessary width for your mirror. You also have to be conscience of height. Essentially, a mirror needs to be proportional with the rest of the room—not too tiny and not too large.

Mirror frames offer more creativity than you might expect as well. You’ll find frames that are meant to blend and frames that are meant to emerge. By this point, you will have a feel for the overall character and themes that your bathroom presents. Thus, you should have a good idea as to what frame fits best, or whether or not you even need one.

Lighting in itself is crucial. You won’t have to give it a ton of thought, but the general rule of thumb is to go with warm lighting rather than bright lighting. Moreover, the bulbs that shine yellow, not white. A bathroom is a place of comfort and peace. Whatever you have to do to create an environment in confluence with those qualities, do it!


bathroom remodel LewisvillePlumbing is an underrated aspect of bathroom remodel Lewisville. Homeowners get so caught up in the aesthetics that they don’t consider what is going on between the walls and beneath the ground. Plumbing can be very costly; therefore, it’s financially wise to keep all plumbing in place. Changing the location of the shower, sink and toilet significantly run up the price of a remodel.

You should also never attempt any plumbing on your own. The last thing you want while you are redesigning your bathroom is for a pipe to burst. Suddenly, you coveted project will take 100 steps back as water flows through the bathroom.

Making a remodel actually happen

Everything we just covered should be thought out before putting hammer to nail. Unless you have considerable carpentry experience, it’s probably best that you let professional remodelers do the hammering and nailing. They’ll take care of everything! Measuring, plumbing, installing…you name it!

Professional remodeling companies can even help with design. They’ve completed their fair share of remodeling projects, so they have plenty of experience and knowledge to know what looks good and what doesn’t. In addition, remodeling companies will know the timeframes in which each step of the project will be completed.

Timing is everything. You and your family will be inconvenienced at least slightly while the remodel is in progress. You might have to change your daily routine, and you’ll definitely have to deal with some loud noises. Thus, you probably want the remodel to take as little time as possible. That is, with the satisfaction that the remodel is done in full. The company that you hire for the job should be up front with you from the start about expected time of completion. The job will certainly take less time at the hands of professionals than through a do-it-yourself project.

That’s the bulk of a bathroom remodel Lewisville. We hope we triggered the light bulb in your head at least a few times. Ultimately, it’s a lot of attention to detail and some trial and error. Just try to have as much as possible planned out ahead of time. Start with the big stuff and finish with the small. And make sure you take the time to select the right contractor—one which you trust to keep you informed, welcome your opinions and execute your dream remodel.

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