Hiring Process for Your Bathroom Remodel

Managing your bathroom remodel can seem daunting. However, if you do it right, you’ll end up with a great looking area you’re proud to show friends and family. The key is to hire a Highland Village, TX bathroom remodeling team you’re confident in.

Your team will include:

Tile professional: A pro will know how to make all the challenging cuts, whether they might be rounded edges, angles, etc. They’ll understand what it takes to add in heated floors, how to prepare subflooring, etc. You want someone who knows how to add flooring that will withstand years of wet and general wear and tear traffic through your bathroom.

Plumber: You must have a pro come in and do the plumbing installs. You don’t want to try and do this important job on your own.

Cabinet professional: Like your flooring, you want professional cuts for your cabinet area. This is key whether you’re using standard models or having custom cabinetry done for you. A pro company knows how to fit each piece properly and how to adjust whenever challenges arise.

Carpenter: This part of your team might create custom cabinetry or finish the trim.

Electrician: Just like with plumbing, you don’t want this left to just anyone. Fires and floods can result when your pipes and wires are installed incorrectly. Your bathroom is a small spot where water and electricity have the chance to meet up and cause damage. Your professional electrician will know how to do jobs such as installing wall outlets or even additional outlets inside your cabinetry.

You may want to ask around to see who people you know have used in the past. Word of mouth referrals can turn you on to great bathroom remodel contractors. If your family member, coworker or friend was happy, you’ll most likely be happy, too. Contractors know if they do good work that they’ll find work through referrals.

You might check a website such as Angie’s List as well. You’ll want to ask for references from anyone you consider. Arrange for your remodel company to visit your home so you can show them what you want done. They can then provide a proper estimate for you.

How Are Their Credentials?

While referrals are great, you still need to research your possible Highland Village, TX bathroom remodeling company. They’ll be able to tell you whether they have the proper licensing in place so you know they’re qualified to perform the work for you.

Get it in Writing

Does your contractor pay attention to your wishes and put it all down in writing? You want the contract to include everything in detail. It should include items like:- a site plan

  • the scope of work
  • an express limited warranty
  • a bid price and payment schedule
  • a clause about dispute resolution

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when you’re remodeling your bathroom. That’s why we recommend contacting us here at Pro Flooring. We’ll help ensure a smooth process for your project. Call us at (972) 219-5475 or use our contact page.

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