Why You Should Leave Hardwood Floor Installation in Lewisville, TX in the Hands of Professionals

Choosing to buy hardwood flooring for your home may be a relatively huge investment, but it’s definitely worth every penny. Hardwood has a warm and rustic charm. It is also durable enough to last decades, making it the best flooring choice. On the other hand, even the best quality hardwood flooring material can lose its aesthetic appeal and practicality if improperly installed. Therefore, experts recommend that you leave hardwood floor installation in Lewisville, TX in the hands of professionals. Here are some reasons why hiring a pro is imperative.

  • The pros are equipped with various installation techniques to suit equally variable hardwood flooring types. They are expert at gluing or stapling engineered hardwood flooring, nailing down solid hardwood flooring, or clicking together floating hardwood floors, as necessary.
  • By choosing professional hardwood floor installation in Lewisville, TX, you are securing the manufacturer’s warranty viability. Take note that most flooring manufacturers usually provide warranties excluding any defect or damage due to an improper installation process.
  • The pros follow pre-installation protocol. For instance, they know better than to install hardwood flooring right after delivery of the material to the home. The first thing they do is remove the hardwood planks from their boxes and allow them to be exposed to the home’s climate conditions for around five days, making sure they have been acclimated before installation. Failure to follow this crucial step will result to unsightly gaps between planks, due to the hardwood’s expansion and contraction as they adjust to the new temperature and humidity levels.
  • By hiring pros, you save more time, energy and money. They can measure a more accurate estimate on the underlayment, quarter-round, adhesive and hardwood flooring your space requires. This is their profession and thus the margin of error is little to none, whereas chances of miscalculations and overspending are drastically higher if you do this on your own.
  • Unless you have had hands-on experience on flooring installation, you should seek professional help. The pros are expert and experienced at what they do. They know that hardwood flooring should be installed on a smooth and level subfloor. Whether the subfloor is vinyl, concrete or an old wooden floor, they have adequate knowledge on how any surface should be prepared prior to installation.
  • Hiring a floor installation pro helps in minimizing waste and damage to your home. Furthermore, gaps and improper alignment are avoided.
  • The pros carry specific hardwood floor installation tools for maximum speed, efficiency and neatness. These special tools, such as saws and adhesives, can be expensive. Resorting to the pros will thus spare your limited budget. Even if you have enough money, buying such tools for one-time use is still far from being practical. You’ll probably end up using them only twice in your lifetime since hardwood flooring can last decades before requiring reinstallation.

If you’re looking for a reliable company specializing in hardwood floor installation in Lewisville, TX, the pros at Pro Flooring may be the solution to your problem. They are committed to exceeding clients’ expectations through excellent service.

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