Qualities of a Top Notch Flooring Company

You must feel comfortable that you’re choosing a flooring company that will do the best job for you. Here at Pro Flooring, a Highland Village, TX flooring company, you’ll find a friendly staff that works hard to please you.

Here are a few key things to look for when you want to work with a top notch flooring company.

Excellent Services: Yes, many companies and contractors do floors. You want an expert, however. Make sure your company of choice has experience delivering results in a variety of homes. Each house is different and requires different skills. Your flooring company should have experience providing solutions with laminate flooring, hardwood and tile, for example. They should be able to provide both repairs and installation services.


Customer Service Based: Ask for references. See if others have good things to say about how they were treated. Raise the red flag if your flooring company refuses to provide past customers you can talk to.

Also, you’re most likely anything but a flooring expert. For this reason, you want to see that your company provides great support in terms of helping you make the best decision when it comes to tackling your project. Ask yourself if your provider really does live, eat and breathe this stuff. Do they love flooring and can you easily see it?

Responsiveness: This aligns with customer service. Are they quick to respond when you have questions or need some sort of detailed answer? You don’t want generic answers or want to feel as though you’re being rushed. The best companies take the time to make sure you feel comfortable. If they’re quick before the work starts, how do you think you might get treated after the contract is signed?

Samples: Does your potential flooring company provide free samples so you can make the best decision? This is such a key part to your project. Furniture, wall color and lighting all play a part in how well your new flooring looks inside your home. Make sure your flooring company takes time to help you see various samples.

Warranty/Guarantee: Do they offer a solid warranty or guarantee of their work, both on the flooring itself and on the work they perform? What happens if the flooring gets damaged for some reason? Will they replace it for you? These types of guarantees might be hard to find but they’re out there. Ask your flooring company how their policies in these matters work.

Expertise: Research the history of their work. Have they been around a long time? Do they have the expertise you’re looking for?

Licensed and Insured: Make sure your company is insured and all contractors and sub-contractors are licensed properly. All this combines to protect you, your house and the contractors in case anything might happen. With proper licensing in place, you know your company has handled requirements and testing.

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