New Technology Bathrooms: Shower Doors and Frameless Showers Plano TX

The trendy, fashionable frameless doors and frameless showers are popular in Texas because they offer luxury. As a new bathroom design technology, frameless showers offer the visual impact of a larger bathroom and modernity. Installers of shower doors and frameless showers Plano TX, embrace the trending bathroom design concepts for several reasons.

  • Frameless showers eliminate the heavy metal frame.
  • Showers without the metal or wood frame are easily accessible.
  • Cleaning the frameless showers is simpler as mold growth or debris never accumulate in structures without metal encasements.
  • The reflective frameless glass panel creates the illusion of an expansive shower.

Why Choose the Frameless Showers Designs?

The Remodeling Magazine says that the renovation of traditional bathrooms into frameless showers increases the resale value of homes. Further, homeowners recoup at least 65 percent of the bathroom remodeling expenses upon house resale.

Frameless showers look so beautiful and allow more light inside the bathing area. Many homeowners request the installation of the modern shower doors and frameless showers Plano TX, to have airy, spa-like bathrooms.

Installation Techniques of Frameless Shower Doors

  • The U-channel Door Installation Method

Going frameless stops you from seeing the unattractive frame encasing the bathroom enclosure of the typical shower. There is never the metal structures on the door edges. Frameless showers require unique invisible devices to attach the unbreakable glass panel to the wall. Technicians can use tiny, thin U-like metal frames without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your shower space. The contractor will instead secure the glass panel with transparent vinyl grasps.

  • Installation of Frameless Shower Doors Using Clips

Shower remodeling contractors sometimes use tiny metal clips or clamps to attach glass panels on tile floors. Homeowners love the absence of a heavy and thick metal strip around the glass. The clips are fully frameless and also create clear, uninterrupted shower spaces. It becomes quite effortless to clear mildew on panels installed using clips.

The New Vision Frameless Door Shower

Typically, the frameless shower door includes the features below:

  • Thick panel glass measuring 3/8 to 1/2 of an inch.
  • Metal clips to fix the stable panel on walls.
  • Glass tablets with a longer lifespan and minimal maintenance expenses.

Customized Frameless Shower Doors

With either the semi-frameless or completely glass shower doors, you get sleek, high-end item to replace the outdated, bulky metal bathroom framing. Technicians are open to customized doors to match the design and shape of shower enclosures. Upon the request of homeowners, glass panels with minimum oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, brass, or brushed nickel edge strip only one inch are available. Glass shower enclosure designs come in many options.

  • Right-angle enclosures.
  • Neo-angle frameless doors.
  • Walk-in enclosures.
  • Frameless door steam enclosures.

Bright, colored, frosted glass panels patterns are popular too. At Pro Flooring, our experienced shower doors and frameless showers Plano TX technicians can install any the unrivaled glass panel in family bathrooms or guest bathrooms. We will transform your shower into a stunningly beautiful space.

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