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Bathroom Designs Plano TX


Is skimming through Pinterest one of your hobbies? Are you someone who always has HGTV on in the background? Often, the designs discovered through websites and home networks are impractical. As badly as you want an all marble bathroom with a soaking tub overlooking the ocean, chances are your budget (or location) won’t allow it. Thus, learn about more practical bathroom designs Plano TX.

The Basics of Color Schemes

bathroom designs Plano TXMany colors exist, however, it’s wise to minimize your color selection for a bathroom remodel. There’s nothing wrong with a few unique accent colors, but the theme should be made up by black, white, or gray. If your mind is set on a warm theme, a blend of beige would look nice.

Beyond those four colors, you’ll be flirting with the line between modern and trendy. To avoid designing a bathroom with an expiration date, consider these fundamental color schemes:


Some of the more visually appealing bathrooms designs Plano TX maximize just one color. For example, a bathroom with white marble floors and white granite countertops with gray grain. The walls are painted white and accessories like the tub and toilet are white.

You have to be very careful not to overdo it, however. There should be a slight break-up in the scheme, such as a window or a glass shower door. Maybe have one wall a different color, such as a neutral gray.

Monochromatic with a focal point

That leads into our next scheme. Having a focal point within your monochromatic bathroom can be a wonderful touch. For instance, a brass chandelier hanging from the ceiling or brass fixtures spread throughout the room. The point is to have something POP, not just blend in or accent.


A mix of light and dark always creates a visually appealing bathroom. That’s what you see in most modern contemporary bathroom designs Plano TX. A proportioned mix of white and black will never go out of style. Imagine a white vanity topped with black granite, surrounded by white walls, black cabinetry, and supported by large gray granite tiles.


Remember the golden rule: small spaces will appear bigger if made up by light colors. Natural light seeping through can make a big difference as well. Because bathrooms, whether guest or master, are small areas, its crucial you give them a spacious feel. Space = comfort. At the very least, use light colors (white, light gray, lime green, baby blue, yellow) for the walls.

Beige base

Beige is always a safe color to use for bathroom designs Plano TX (or kitchen designs, for that matter). A beige porcelain tile complimented by maple or oak cabinetry gives off a natural, homey appearance. A wood vanity with a black granite countertop will give the bathroom the perfect splash of contrast. White countertops would look nice also, as they would match many of the accessories (bathtub, toilet, shower base, etc.).

Advance the appeal with material mix-up

Frankly, bathroom designs Plano TX are limitless. There are so many shapes of tile, infinite grains of granite and countless ways to put together an overall design.

A common theme among today’s homeowners is lining bathroom walls with a special tile design. It’s difficult to describe, but the idea is to grab peoples’ attention with a cool design, whether a basic stripe of tiny tiling along the walls or a mosaic design on one part of a wall. A mosaic may cover an entire wall, it may run horizontally, vertically… again, so many options!

Porcelain tiles are always a go-to for bathroom designs Plano TX—for floors and walls. The material is affordable, and it is strong against moisture. In fact, porcelain’s water absorption rate is less than 0.5%. No matter how excited you are about the look of your bathroom, durability is most important. You want your bathroom filled with materials that can withstand threats and last forever.

Granite is a fine option for countertops, flooring and walling. Just be sure you have every inch of it sealed if you do have it installed. The same goes for other natural stones like slate, marble and travertine. If you are choosing between porcelain/ceramic and slate/marble, the former will protect best against water, while the latter will offer the more luxurious appearance.

What’s in for bathroom designs Plano TX?

Doorless showers: Doors are overrated, especially if they are already inside of other doors. Shower doors have never been about privacy. You can lock the main bathroom door for that. Doorless showers will extend the bathroom, essentially making it larger. Just be sure your shower area is wide enough to where water will not splash out and potentially affect the integrity of your floor.  

Frameless glass showers: If you opt to keep the glass look for your shower, get rid of the frames. Frames are a thing of the past. Nowadays, bathroom remodelers are expert in installing a glass door without the frame. You’ll omit a pointless part of your shower that only rusts and collects bacteria.

Mosaics: We already touched on mosaics; however, we did not mention the tile rug. For an attention-grabbing aspect of your bathroom, consider a mosaic at the center of your floor. The design would have the flare of a rug, only it would be made strictly of tile. Tile rugs are becoming more and more popular for homeowners whom have the budget to allow for one.

Freestanding bathtubs: Bathtubs are sort of making a comeback. Though, more for visual purposes than function this go around. Even if you use a bathroom just ten times a year, a freestanding tub screams luxury. Its spa-like and sleek appeal will impress anyone who sees it.

Heated floors: Obviously, this one pertains to feel rather than appearance. No one likes that abrupt coldness felt when their feet step from carpet to tile. It may seem overboard, but, if you have the budget flexibility, a heated bathroom floor can make an impactful difference to your bathroom comfort. Heated floors are one of the newer bathroom designs Plano TX.

Must-have accessories

bathroom designs Plano TXWindow: It always helps to have a bathroom window to open the space up. You will benefit from free light instead of having to overcompensate with added light fixtures. The amount of natural light in a bathroom also dictates color schemes. With the sun shining through, you’ll have more freedom in color selection.

Skylight: We’ll do you one better… how about a skylight in your bathroom? That would look cool, wouldn’t it? The space would benefit from even more natural light, plus you won’t have to worry about privacy because no one will be looking in from above your home. Skylights scream HIGH CLASS!

Dual Shower Heads: Showers are no longer the forgotten piece of a bathroom. With doorless showers and frameless glass showers being so popular, the inside area is more visible. Therefore, it needs to look nice. 

Homeowners are having nifty dual shower heads installed. The rain shower head is what’s in. Water sprays straight down rather than at an angle. The shower head is also wider so it’s more visually appealing than traditional shower heads.

Have fun with your bathroom vanity

Choosing a bathroom vanity is one of the lesser decisions you’ll have to make for bathroom designs Plano TX. It’s still important, but you can pick the right one after the fact—after flooring, walling and cabinetry have been selected. Of course, have the countertop selected in advance as well.

A vanity can be your personal touch to the bathroom space. One can stand on four legs and be detached from the wall. Or, you can have a floating vanity that rises some 6-12 inches off the grand and is attached to the wall.

You can fill the vanity with drawers, cabinets or open slots to store items. Any items that are placed in the open slots should be organized or else you’ll be taking away from the beauty of the vanity.

It’s up to you whether you want your vanity to blend in or stand out. The two options are dictated by color and size. Most homeowners want it to compliment the other main features throughout the bathroom. Though, some see it as the “POP” feature that we discussed earlier. If you want your vanity to pop, make sure it adds to the design rather than take away from it.

Pro Flooring

A bathroom design is a major project. It requires extensive decision making, strategic budgeting, and considerable patience. Without a doubt, it’s difficult to tackle on your own. That’s why we suggest hiring the best bathroom remodeling contractors to make a major project smooth and easy.

Hire Pro Flooring! Beyond our flooring expertise, we have skilled carpenters and installers. Our team will help you through your decision making and communicate with you all throughout the remodeling process. In the end, you will be blown away by the appearance and function of your upgraded or brand-new bathroom!

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